Add a deals page to your Shopify store to increase traffic

By Ilana Davis

Globally, the word “deals” has nearly 450,000 searches in Google. We also see deals used as a variation of search terms (e.g. black friday deals) showing up in 2.8m searches.

Imagine how many people are searching for your product or brand with the word deals or coupons.

What if you got ahead of it by creating a page devoted to the deals you’re offering?

Pacifica Beauty, a skincare & beauty product line, has a deals page that appears to be up year-round. It’s on this page that customers can easily find Pacifica’s current offers, discount codes, gift with purchases, and more.

Pacifica Beauty deals page with a section for Special Offers, Percent off Skincare with coupon, and a section for free gift with purchase.

With this page, when a customer searches for “pacifica beauty deals” in Google, the first search result is their page followed by coupon based sites.

Pacifica Beauty search result for "pacifica beauty deals" and their page is the first result followed by two coupon based sites.

These coupon based sites are competing for your SEO.

You can bet that customers will visit the Pacifica Beauty page looking for the most current information.

Try adding a simple page in Shopify that lists out any and all deals you may be offering. Keep it simple and use something like or

If you don’t offer discounts, I still recommend adding the page to your store. Use it as an opportunity to talk about why you don’t offer discounts.

Don’t forget to add structured data to your pages to qualify for search enhancements. This helps your appearance in Google Search results, making your pages stand out.

There isn’t a page specific set of data that Google recommends, but JSON-LD for SEO customers will have Article structured data that may help. You can also frame this as a FAQ page and qualify for FAQ Rich Results.


Get more organic search traffic from Google without having to fight for better rankings by utilizing search enhancements called Rich Results.

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