500,000 Shopify stores

By Ilana Davis

Recently Shopify announced they had their 500,000th store signup for the platform.

Which is great news for you.

Normally as a business grows there are times when the service quality drops. e.g. more customers for a given set of employees.

But since Shopify is in the software business, they’re able to grow differently.

It doesn’t cost them much more to have the 500,000th customer than the 499,999th. A small cost sure, but probably very little. (Small variable cost for all you accounting-type people)

The revenue from 500,000th customer is significant though.

That’s revenue Shopify will be able to invest into new features, better servers, more staff, or anything else. Any of which could improve the service for you.

So I’d like to congratulate Shopify on their growth and hope the road to 1,000,000 stores is a fun one.

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