37 days to Rich Snippets with JSON-LD for SEO

I have a bit of humble bragging today.

For JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ accounts I monitor their Rich Snippets during the initial setup phases to help ensure they will actually receive them from Google. To do this I have a complex spreadsheet that helps me track their Rich Snippet progress and log when results start to show up.

The other day I did a bit of cleanup of the spreadsheet and was able to run some calculations on the raw data. One result really surprised me.

On average it takes 37 days for a Shopify store to get Rich Snippets using JSON-LD for SEO Plus+.

Compare that to the 56-91 days my research found when it was reported by individual websites.

I also noticed that the majority of the stores were getting results in under 30 days. There are outliers in the average who skewed the average results out to 37 days.

I’ve started to dig into what could be causing the outliers to under-perform and have started to make personalized suggestions to them.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share this humble brag here.

If you’ve had problems getting Rich Results, JSON-LD for SEO is the easiest and safest option in the Shopify app store for that.

And if you get the Plus+ account, we’ll also review your store at the same time.

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