22% increase in organic traffic

By Ilana Davis

Another long time customer of JSON-LD for SEO who's had the app for over 6 years, shared a short case study on how the app helped their store.

Any results may or may not be typical or what you can expect with your Shopify store. There are so many variables involved that it’s impossible to control for all of them.

Take what’s said below as a more detailed review of JSON-LD for SEO, combine it with the App Store reviews, your own personal experience and draw your own conclusions.

Here’s what Gideon Lupine of CALI-Strong.com says about JSON-LD for SEO

I was reading about the importance of SEO, and came across the topic of structured data and rich snippets. I checked my website only to find I had absolutely nothing.

I checked with the theme developer and on the Shopify forums and needed more help. Some suggestions were really weird or outright wrong.

I tried other apps, but they were either incomplete or had horrible JSON errors.

That's a common sentiment across many customers who try competitors first. They often come back months later because they didn't get the results they needed.

When it comes to SEO, the opportunity cost of losing months of traffic adds up quickly.

The app has definitely resulted in a 22% increase in organic traffic which has lead to more site visitors and sales. This really helps our investments in other marketing areas. It makes it easier for people to find us once they know about us.

It's great to see JSON-LD for SEO allowed Cali-Strong to grow and invest in other marketing areas as well as SEO.

Though I can’t promise the same results, JSON-LD for SEO has been successful for thousands of other Shopify stores. Shouldn’t yours be one? Install today for your free 7-day trial.


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