101 store types for improving your Shopify store's local SEO

By Ilana Davis

If your Shopify store has a physical store, I just added a new feature to JSON-LD for SEO for you.

JSON-LD for SEO has always exported data describing your business to Google.

Now you can add more details to that data by telling Google exactly what type of business you have.

A clothing store.

A electronics store.

A winery.

Or any of the other 101 business types Google now supports.

From my research, this data will be used by Google and could improve your local search results and knowledge graph card.

To set this up, just login to JSON-LD for SEO and fill out the new Physical store settings. Then you’ll just need to wait for Google to see the new data.

Physical, brick-and-mortar store settings for store type and price range within JSON-LD for SEO


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