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UX Case Study – Project Coffee

Helping HR and IT Track Employee Status

Project Summary:

A Personnel Action Form (PAF) is a tool that is used to connect HR changes such as hires, changes or terminations with IT.

Often, there is a disconnect between HR and IT departments for when employees are starting, moving around or will be leaving the company.

An information gap between these two departments can delay productivity and have costly impacts to the bottom line.

This simple form will allow HR to auto generate emails with all the valuable information to the appropriate teams informing them of a new hire, change or termination.

User Challenges:

HR departments need a simple way to notify IT and managers that people are starting, moving around or will be leaving the company.

IT departments need to know exactly what equipment or software is needed and obtain the right approvals for access rights.

Security a requirement to comply with customer agreements in that all software for the company will meet SOC 2 Type 2 or similar. Most HR systems are not built with security in mind and very few have certifications to demonstrate good info-sec practices.

Email notifications must be sent but not all information is shared. For example, IT would not see salary information. Confidentiality cannot be breached.

Product Requirements:

  • Simple form.
  • 5 minutes to complete.
  • Database of employees.
  • Tracks who submitted the form and when.
  • Sends emails to appropriate teams.
  • Approval workflow for purchases and software access.

User Personas:

User personas for project coffee include HR and IT.

More information on Project Coffee in my portfolio page.