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Get more organic search traffic

Earn more qualified traffic and improve your Shopify store’s click-through rate with Rich Results.

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$399, one-time. No monthly recurring payments needed.

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Fighting for more traffic sucks

You've tried it all...

😬 Added a bunch of keywords, but not quite to the keyword stuffing stage, because that's a no-no.
😤 Started using Google Ads, but your ads are rejected due to a price mismatch.
🤫 Debated about buying backlinks, but realized that was a dumb idea.
🤨 Asked your review provider to show reviews in search results and can't figure out why yours aren't showing.
😵‍💫 Installed many SEO apps but have no clue what they actually do.

There's got to be a better way!

There is!

It's called Rich Results.

Search engines offer Rich Results, a search enhancement to get your product information directly into search results.

To earn Rich Results, we pull information directly from Shopify and turn it into structured data. This information is structured in a way that search engines like Google can easily understand even if it looks like gibberish to us.

Normal Search Result

Animals Matter search result without any enhancement. It looks just like any other search result found on Google.

Enhanced Search Result

Animals Matter search result with rich results including reviews, price range, shipping price and delivery days, as well as product availability.

Be seen by more customers using search enhancements in Google, Bing, Pinterest & more

Use search enhancement’s from Google to show information your customers care about. Making it easy for them to click your search result over your competitor.

Instead of just seeing your Shopify product pages like normal, your customers will see enhanced search results.

Product pages with search enhancements might include your product images, price, delivery rates, availability, or product reviews like this example here with Animals Matter.

Much about the app I do not understand because I'm not technically-inclined. However, I rest at ease knowing that the app works in the background producing rich results. Ilana is very helpful, so the app is backed by strong support.


Rating: ★★★★★
Himelhoch's Department Store

Get the results you need

With JSON-LD for SEO, you qualify for Google Rich Results / Rich Snippets for desktop and mobile search results including Image Rich Results. Plus, you qualify for Pinterest Rich Pins and Bing Information-Rich search results.

Struggling with Merchant Center to approve your Ads? We include the unique product identifiers and all the structured data you need for Merchant Center to validate your variant pricing.

All without adding any code or copying and pasting information that's already in Shopify.

JSON-LD for SEO is also compatible with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 themes.

Example of Google Rich Results for actual customer with before and after

Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store

A premium app that has been designed and optimized to get you results in Google, fast.
$399, one-time. No monthly recurring payments needed.

Install on Shopify App Store

"If you’re uncomfortable installing schema markup yourself, one of the best out-of-the-box apps is JSON-LD for SEO."

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal
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The foundation of technical SEO for a Shopify store is structured data, and no app or team is more effective at ensuring Google understands your product pages as JSON-LD for SEO. I've recommended it for years to my clients because it just works.

Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster
CEO & Co-founder of Ethercycle

If you want to be seen on Google without spending the time to manually add structured data to your Shopify store, this is the app! JSON-LD makes it so easy. Just download, set it and forget it. Full exposure without the headache of technical SEO.

Laura Dolgy

Laura Dolgy
Laura Dolgy, Founder of Dolgify

Example Rich Results for actual customer with and without reviews

Stand out in organic search results

Your Shopify store deserves to stand out in search results.

So why do most Shopify stores miss out on this easy and affordable source of traffic from Google?

It's because the structured data built-in to most themes is broken and is missing critical information required for organic and paid results.

Your goal should be to have the most complete set of data with as much information that makes sense and follows Google's guidelines. That’s how you get and keep Rich Results.

Tanoshi search result with search enhancements

Increase Traffic

  • Improve your search click-through rates, even with lower rankings.
  • Earn more qualified traffic on search engines to boost conversion rates.
  • Add FAQ, Recipe, and Video structured data for even more visibility.
  • Stand out and look like an authority with Google’s Knowledge Graph.
  • Use the preferred method from search engines to add structured data.

Instant Integrations

  • Connect all the fields needed for Google Merchant Center.
  • Pull subscription-based prices from subscription apps that use Shopify Checkout.
  • Show reviews in search results with one of the 20+ review apps supported.
  • Compatible with any language supported by Shopify and Shopify Markets.
  • Automatically adds structured data for your products, blogs, pages, and homepage.

Pain-Free + No Code

  • Works on every theme including Shopify's legacy and 2.0 versions.
  • Edit your theme and products to your heart's content, the app just works.
  • Receive updates and premium support for all your questions at no additional cost.
  • Safely and effectively get Rich Results with no impact on the site speed.
  • Be up and running in under 2 minutes. Yes, it's really that fast.

Simple pricing

JSON-LD for SEO is a single, one-time charge with no subscription or ongoing costs.

It's a one-time charge through Shopify because it’s meant to replace the work needed by an experienced web developer.

This one-time fee is all you’ll ever have to pay to insure your store provides detailed structured data to search engines and other services.

You can swap out or edit your store’s theme to your heart’s content, and we’ll make sure your structured data from this app continues working.

Example Pinterest Rich Pins for acual customers

This is the second time we have used Ilana and the JSON-LD for SEO app. We needed support for the SEO for our new online store and Ilana delivered and has stuck around whilst we got ourselves organised. Great service and even better app.

Case Base

Rating: ★★★★★

Boost non-product search traffic with these search enhancements

JSON-LD for SEO also includes support for other search enhancements provided by Google.

Example Bing Information-Rich results from actual customers

Google Rich Result examples for Sitelink Searchbox, FAQ Page, and Recipies

Types of data included

  • Product data: Product & Variant, Offers
  • Product reviews: AggregateRating
  • FAQ: FAQPage
  • How to: HowTo
  • Blog posts: Article
  • Business data: Organization/LocalBusiness
  • Site search: Website
  • Breadcrumb: BreadcrumbList
  • Recipe: Recipe Carousel/Article
  • Videos: VideoObject

Benefits from different types of data

Promote your articles and blog posts

Blog posts Rich Snippets and Rich Card search enhancements can be promoted by Google in the search results. All automatically without you needing to add any extra steps to your publishing process.

Show your Location, Telephone, Store Reviews, Social Profiles, and more

With Google Knowledge Graph Cards, you can show details about your store. The Knowledge Graph is the large box of your business information on the right side of search results.

Answer common FAQs your customers have in search results

Add FAQ questions and answers to your Shopify store in a special format to have the app automatically create the structured data for you. This search enhancement will help you answer common questions your customers have right in Google Search.

Search your entire site, directly from Google

What better way to attract traffic than having Google show your top pages and a search box for your store directly in the search results with Sitelinks Searchbox. This is great for larger catalogs to get customers directly into your store.

Get your recipes along the top of search results

This advanced feature will let you add the recipe data so Google shows the details in the search results. You may also be shown at the top of the search results in a Rich Card carousel.

Discover and watch your videos directly in search results

If you have videos in your Shopify store by adding video structured data for them you can get some additional search enhancements like Rich Snippets, video previews, and inclusion in Google Image Search.

When you sign up for JSON-LD for SEO you’ll get

  • A structured data audit to ensure the app has connected your Shopify data properly.
  • Unlimited app support with direct priority access to me (the owner).
  • Up to 6 months of Rich Result monitoring while Google begins to analyze and award Rich Results to your store.
  • A copy of Shopify SEO: Simplified, a 3-hour audio training course that teaches you everything you need to know about Shopify, SEO, and how to get traffic to your store.

Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store

A premium app that has been designed and optimized to get you results in Google, fast.
$399, one-time. No monthly recurring payments needed.

Install on Shopify App Store

Trusted By

Innersloth Among Us
Cabbage Patch Kids
Arbor Scientific
Tactical Baby Gear
Animals Matter
Chubbie Shorts
Pure Electric

Still have questions?

You can find out more details about what's included in JSON-LD for SEO and answers to your questions on the FAQ Page. You also have the entire knowledge base at your fingertips!

If you're still not sure if JSON-LD for SEO is right for you, contact me for your Shopify store's free Structured Data Audit.

See what they're saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our Shopify app!

★★★★★ 4.9 (467 reviews)

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Excellent app! Best JSON-LD shopify app hands down. Support is outstanding! A must have for any shopify store.

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms

Rating: ★★★★★
Annanda Chaga Mushrooms

Great support and continual contact from Ilana. It has worked quickly to get rich results on Google for our website.

In Stitches Soft Furnishings

Rating: ★★★★★
In Stitches Soft Furnishings

White Glove service, quick replies, fully taken care of and managed well by their team with no effort from you. Might cost a couple bucks more than other solutions initially, but if you value your time at anything over $15/hour - this will end up being much cheaper

All Day Hoodie

Rating: ★★★★★
All Day Hoodie

Fantastic App! Would highly recommend. We switched over from another SEO app which we had used for years, it constantly had errors of late and we will never look back on making the change to JSON-LD for SEO. Setup was so Easy & Fast. The customer service has been outstanding and all of the errors we had in search console disappeared within days. Rich snippets were showing on our products within hours. Thank you so much :)

Katie J Design and Events

Rating: ★★★★★
Katie J Design and Events

All Reviews

★★★★★ Such a brilliant app. 100% worth it. The support is next level, they always go above and beyond to help. I definitely recommend JSON-LD .

Developer reply: It has been my pleasure to help you on your journey. Thanks for this review. - Ilana

-- Healthy Habitats

★★★★★ Ilana is an amazing expert in SEO and her support is unmatched. The tool is a great asset too, in order to get more organic traffic and improve your google shopping campaigns.

Developer reply: It's been my pleasure. Thank you for your review and glad to see the app has helped to get you more traffic and improving your ads. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. - Ilana

-- trendzfair

★★★★★ I used this app to improve search results and have rich results and within weeks was able to see results. Ilana was always very helpful and provides useful tips. Highly recommend it.

Developer reply: Love seeing results so quickly for you. Thanks very much again for your review and happy to be of service. - Ilana

-- Luca Collections

★★★★★ If anyone is looking to enhance their Shopify website I can not recommend JSON-LD highly enough. I was having a few issues with Google and SEO tools not being able to identify my products correctly on my website. So I reached out to Ilana Davis to explore my options. I was so impressed by her advise which was not a hard sell that I purchased the app the next day and have not looked back since. Dont take my word for it, use all the Google tools and SEO tools available to see how your website is performing. Then add JSON-LD wait a few months and you will immediately start seeing results. Very happy with this app

Developer reply: Thank you so much for this review and it's great to hear your issues have all been resolved since installing JSON-LD for SEO. I look forward to seeing your store grow. - Ilana

-- GudFur Ltd

★★★★★ We are amazed by this APP! Ilana has been great in helping us to improve our SEO. Easy to use/manage, and the additional resources help you develop your SEO strategy further.

Developer reply: Thank you so much for your review. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out. - Ilana

-- Elite Medical Australia

★★★★★ This app started to show results in search engines we hope this will translate into sales. We love the support we receive from them. Ilana is wonderful we love the support and care we get and we would definitely go for other services they may offer. Highly recommended!

Developer reply: Love to see results for such a fun store. It is my absolute pleasure to help. Thanks so much for your review and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

-- Worthwheels

★★★★★ Ilana is amazing! We were struggling to see rich results for quite a while and tried a bunch of options, including a number of free ones. She got it done the first go around. You get what you pay for. Thank you! This app is so worth it.

Developer reply: Thank you for your review and kind words. It's always great to see results so quickly and I'm glad to hear that JSON-LD for SEO worked for you when other apps didn't. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out. - Ilana

-- ePothex

★★★★★ Both Eric and Llana are so helpful. The app does as promised and it's well worth the money. They also send a daily email with tips as well.

Developer reply: I thanked you over email as well but had to do it here again. Thank you for being a long-time customer and we're so happy you find value in both the app and our emails. - Ilana

-- Kooniez

★★★★★ Great app and great customer service! Helps with SEO and does all the heavy lifting with JSON. I couldn't handle things if I had to do it on my own.

Developer reply: It's lovely to hear the app has been so valuable to you over the years. It's our pleasure to support you as you grow your business. - Ilana

-- Dark Elf Dice

★★★★★ The app works as described and the customer support is excellent if you have any questions. I highly recommend it!

Developer reply: Thank you for your review and I'm glad to hear not only that the app worked well for you but that you've appreciated our customer service. - Ilana

-- Muir Way

★★★★★ This is the 2nd site I have used JSON‑LD for SEO on and I have had good results with both and the support is second to none. Highly recommended!

Developer reply: Thank you so much for your review and for trusting JSON-LD for SEO on both of your Shopify stores. I can't wait to see your new store grow as your first one did. Congrats again on the new launch. - Ilana

-- materialworldonline

★★★★★ Had this app a number of years now. The app is continuously improved. Feedback & suggestions from myself always taken on board. Results from having the app can, given time, be clearly seen in search. Keep up the excellent work with the app Ilana.

Developer reply: Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and this kind review. I'm so glad to hear you've found so much value from the app over the years. Thank you for being a loyal customer. - Ilana


★★★★★ I have used this app for some years and it has definitely improved my visibility on Google. Just updated my Theme and it needed me to contact the company for help. The reply was swift and sorted the issue straightaway. Customer Service/Support very good. Overall highly recommended.

Developer reply: Thank you for your review and glad to hear the app has made such a strong impact on your store. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else. - Ilana

-- FelinFach

★★★★★ Even though my review app wasn't integrated, Iliana came through and implemented it quickly. Very responsive and helpful on the install, too (I had a custom theme). Recommend highly!

Developer reply: I'm so glad you asked about the review integration and so happy I could get it taken care of for you. Your review is so appreciated and it's been a pleasure to work with you on your journey. - Ilana

-- Honeyopathy

★★★★★ I use this app and it strongly increased my visibility on Google. It was amazing that there was no particular coding or development to run the App and I also enjoy there helpful newsletter and updates. The customer service is outstanding and we can only highly recommend JSON-LD for SEO particular for shops with many products.

Developer reply: It's been my pleasure to help you on your journey. Thank you so much for this kind review and your words of encouragement. As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. - Ilana

-- Brandes Autographs

★★★★★ Illana has been helping me to migrate JSON to Shopify 2 outside the working hour Support was great, the app was great. I could not be happier

Developer reply: It was my pleasure to help. Thank you for being a loyal customer over the years. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else. - Ilana

-- Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

★★★★★ Have been using it for a few years. Great app, great customer support and communication with Ilana Davis. Keep up the good work!

Developer reply: We're happy you've found so much value in the app over the years. Thank you kindly for your review and your words of encouragement. - Ilana


★★★★★ Great experience installing this app--it installed quickly even on our totally custom theme and Ilana was there to support us the whole way. Her service is excellent and the pricing structure for the app is really common sense and fair, which is rare to see!

Developer reply: Thank you so much for your review and generous words. I'm so honored to be a part of your growth journey. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


★★★★★ This is great, a brainer of an app to ensure your visibility on Google is spot on. Also, even though we purchased this several years ago, we continue to get updates and support from the developer. A++

Developer reply: It's been a pleasure and happy to help. - Ilana

-- Knifewear - Handcrafted Japanese Kitchen Knives

★★★★★ I was previously using a different app with a recurring monthly fee, and decided to make the switch to JSON-LD as it will save me money in the long run. Ilana was super helpful with her support in getting it set up and removing old code from my previous app. I am already seeing rich results and couldn't be more pleased. Do yourself a favor and install this one from the get go!

Developer reply: It's been such an honor to work with you and I can't wait to see your store grow. I sincerely appreciate your kind words and your review. - Ilana

-- Vacation Home Amenities™,

★★★★★ We have been using this app since launch and it has performed as expected. With the new update, it is even easier to manage and provides better visibility into how it interacts with Rich Results & Snippets. Bonus points for Ilana's support timeliness and thoroughness!

Developer reply: It's great to hear that you find it so easy to use the app. Love me some bonus points too :) Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. - Ilana

-- Latercase

★★★★★ I used this app to set up create structured data. It works great, and Ilana provides excellent support. Highly recommended!

Developer reply: Thank you for your continued support! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. - Ilana

-- Revoderm

★★★★★ Much about the app I do not understand because I'm not technically-inclined. However, I rest at ease knowing that the app works in the background producing rich results. Ilana is very helpful, so the app is backed by strong support.

Developer reply: Thanks for this wonderful review and I'm so glad to hear you've found the advice helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. - Ilana

-- Himelhoch's Department Store

★★★★★ This it the second time we have used Ilana and the JSON-LD for SEO app. We needed support for the SEO for our new online store and Ilana delivered and has stuck around whilst we got ourselves organised. Great service and even better app.

Developer reply: Thank you for trusting in us for both of your stores and for your kind words. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. - Ilana

-- CakeBase

★★★★★ Website is working really well. Plenty updates and information. I would advise anyone looking for one of the best apps out there to use it.

Developer reply: It's great to hear you've found so much value from the app. Thank you for your kind words and if I can answer any questions for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. - Ilana

-- Corstorphine Bed Centre Edinburgh

★★★★★ This is fantastic and Ilana is even better! Love the results, and she is attentive and has great customer service. I signed up for her emails and have learned so much. Thank you!

Developer reply: Thank you for this wonderful review. It's great to hear you've found the app and my emails so valuable. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

-- Windflower Market

★★★★★ This app came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed. Great app and a great support. It makes keeping on top of schema, effortless. It even has an updated Shopify 2.0 version now.

Developer reply: It's been a pleasure to work with you and I can't wait to see your business grow. Thank you so much for your kind words. - Ilana

-- AspenClean

★★★★★ I cannot recommended this app enough. It's made a huge difference to our business and how we appear in Google thanks so much!

Developer reply: I love to hear this. Thanks for leaving a review. - Ilana

-- Happy Valley

★★★★★ Already starting to see results for rich results. Great support and guidance from the owner. Thank you.

Developer reply: Hey there, glad to hear you've found both the app and support valuable. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. - Ilana


★★★★★ This app is a game changer, from the limited amount of labour to install the app. To the updates you get from the team. I cannot wait to see where this app takes us.

Developer reply: Thank you for your review. It was great to see you get results so quickly and I'm forever grateful for your kind words. Really appreciate you taking the time to write this review. If you ever have any questions about the app in the future, don't hesitate to ask. - Ilana

-- Sensuex Official

★★ App was easy to install but after months of waiting I must say I did not see the result I expected (as promised on the app).

Developer reply: Hi there, I sent you screenshots of the Rich Results you received from Google (and are still getting) on November 18th, 46 days after you installed the app. If you didn't receive the email, please contact me at and I'd be happy to share it with you again. With JSON-LD for SEO, I’m unable to promise any results in Google as it's dependent on their algorithm though the vast majority of customers will get some results given enough time. On average, it takes 34 days to see Rich Results start to appear. This is not a hard and fast rule, just the average I’ve seen. Some stores take upwards of six months to see results.


★★★★★ Easy install, we have started seeing rich search results on some products after as little as one week. We still have some niggles to address in google shopping feeds but the response time from support is very prompt. So far so good!

Developer reply: Thanks so much for kind words and happy you saw results so quickly! Let me know if you have any other questions that come up. - Ilana

-- From Our Farm

★★★★★ So glad I went ahead with this app. It was recommended by a Shopify Expert and I otherwise wouldn't have found it because this stuff is so far out of my comfort zone. Ilana does a fantastic job communicating what is happening with the rich results. She also gives some other great tips for SEO as well.

Developer reply: Glad you've found both the app and advice valuable. Thanks so much for this review and I'm forever grateful to the expert who referred you. You're doing a great job and can't wait to see your store grow. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that come up. - Ilana

-- LaLa Confetti

★★★★★ Great app for adding rich snippets to your search results. Does what it is supposed to. Quick and personable support. Recommend!

Developer reply: Hey there, thank you so much and I'm happy you've found value in both the app and support. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions. - Ilana

-- Patio Fever

★★★★★ This app is a must have on every shopify store. I'm very happy with customer support. Rich Results are essential to be seen on Google search, thanks to this app I get it quite easy.

Developer reply: I'm so glad you found this process to be so seamless. Thanks for the review and your kind words. - Ilana

-- christinestyleevents

★★★★★ Everything about this app is easy. Installation was literally a one button click. Ilana provides awesome support with guidance on SEO and while monitoring for rich results, giving updates along the way. Started seeing rich results in searches within two weeks. The one time charge may seem steep at first, but it's worth every penny because it saves me tons of time by not having to work on structured data, and of course, provides better visibility and more informational results for the prospective customer.

Developer reply: Thank you for your review and congrats on your success! I'm so happy you've gotten value both out of the app and from my emails. Please let me know if you have any questions in the future. - Ilana

-- Southern Plains Photography

★★★★★ Effective, educational and great support! 5 Stars from us. This app has met and surpassed all of our expectations <3

Developer reply: Thanks for taking the time to write this glowing review. Glad to hear you've found the app and service have exceeded your expectations. If you have any questions that come up in the future, don't hesitate to ask. - Ilana

-- Rust Design Co.

★★★★★ I love the personal support and the app works my rich results showed up within 2 weeks. It has saved me a lot of time and money.

Developer reply: I'm so happy to have helped and love that it saved you time & money! Thanks for the review! - Ilana

-- Thulisa Naturals

★★★★★ Awesome app! Excellent customer service, with very detailed explaination of everything you need. Definetely recommend it!

Developer reply: You are so kind to leave this review and I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have. It was great to see your results so quickly. - Ilana

-- Pulvis Art Urns

★★★★★ Great app. Recommended by some fellow colleagues in the SEO space. I'm happy to purchase this and know I can rest easy about using JSON-LD.

Developer reply: Thank you so much for your review and glad you are happy with the results. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions in the future. - Ilana

-- Competitors Outlet

★★★★★ A solid, must-have app with excellent support! Have been using the app for some years and it's always reliable.

Developer reply: It's been a pleasure working with you over the years. Thank you so much for your kind words and continued support! - Ilana


★★★★★ Great support and continual contact from Ilana. It has worked quickly to get rich results on Google for our website.

Developer reply: I'm so happy to hear this. Thanks so much for the review and glad to see you got results so quickly.

-- In Stitches Soft Furnishings

★★★★★ Brilliant support from Eric and Ilana! I would highly recommend JSON-LD and it's greatly helped our product page and store SEO on our healthy snack and supplement store Many thanks, George

Developer reply: Thanks so much for your kind words and we're so glad to hear that you found the app useful. - Ilana

-- Protein Package

★★★★★ Good and very helpful support always there to answer and help with any issues would highly recommend!

Developer reply: Really appreciate you taking the time to write this review. If you ever have any questions about the app in the future, don't hesitate to ask. - Ilana

-- Dynagem

★★★★★ JSON-LD not only helps my site to grow on a strong foundation but anytime there is a problem, the support that Ilana Davis is quick, valuable, and to the point. Excellent app, wonderful support!

Developer reply: Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm happy to help anytime. - Ilana

-- We Sound Human

★★★★★ We absolutely love this app and the results it's given us. We had a lot of questions and Ilana got back to us with all the answers very quickly. We highly recommend this app and everything it does for your SEO!

Developer reply: Always more than happy to help, Trish! Thanks so much for the review. - Ilana

-- Campmor

★★★★★ Amazing support from the developer. They contacted me right away and explained to me what to expect and sent me a helpful guide on how to improve my website. You need to buy!

Developer reply: Thanks so much for your review and I'm grateful for your kind words. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. - Ilana

-- Summit maple farm

★★★★★ I've installed the app and in less than a month first results started to show. Eric has been very supportive and he's clear on what you might expect in terms of results and how long will it take to show results. I think this app is one of the fundamentals you should have installed in your store.

-- Downtown

★★★★★ It's pretty good and has started showing rich results on our google images after about 10 days hopefully this will improve with time with more and better results.

-- Harper Kendall

★★★★★ In my Opinion, the best app ever for structured data and great follow-up by a very able person. I obtained real results only after 1 week. very good job.

-- Miroir-France

★★★★★ Seriously! This is probably the best thing iv done for my store. If you care at all about rich snippets, get this app! The support is almost instant and Eric is taking your inquiry serious and will give you advice you would normally pay an agency $$$ to get

-- MamaMilla

★★★★★ Great SEO app that got our schema data added and is helping our rankings. Easy to use and definitely recommended it!

-- Wellnesse

★★★★★ Great app! manage to see results in a short period of time and the team was very helpful with the timely updates!

-- Bedtribe

★★★★★ Thanks Eric for the continued support and assistance. Prompt, clear, caring messaging and follow ups. Cheer Todd

-- cosmiccraftsfoils

★★★★★ Great little app. Easily installed and updated my schema perfectly. I now have accurate information and product reviews showing up perfectly on Google. As an added bonus, you get the founder Eric working and educating you on SEO and schema. Win Win!

-- Well Care Botanicals

★★★★★ I installed this app to be sure my rich snippets were showing up correctly in google searches. I know for myself I am more likely to click a result with reviews than one without. Eric is very helpful, replies promptly to all questions and explains things in a way that non JSON-LD folks can really understand!!

-- Evan Designs

★★★★★ Great app for schema markup. The support from Eric was outstanding, quick and very responsive. Addressed all of my concerns. I like this app so much, I'll be installing it on another of our stores. Thanks Eric!

-- Plastic Bag Partners

★★★★★ Best JSON-LD App in Store. Eric do a perfect support. Good to learn deep Shopify SEO. My Shop rockz with this App!

-- Ottolina

★★★★★ This app is amazing and Eric is wonderful. He kept us up to date with what was happening and emailed us when our results started to be shown on Google. Everything was seamless. Thank you so much!

-- Esoteric Aroma

★★★★★ My experience with Eric and this app has been fantastic. He’s incredibly responsive and knows what he’s doing. This app is the best way to improve your organic search results. Plus, Eric followed up to show me that it actually worked several weeks after installation. (Takes a bit of time for Google to find your pages.) Also worth subscribing to his emails. I have this app installed on two different sites and I’m very happy. Worth the investment.

-- Reluctant Threads

★★★★★ This app made it easy to start having rich snippets show up within Google search. We started seeing them show up really quick too. It was easy to install, configure, and support is great.

-- Killzone Flashlights

★★★★★ Excellent app! Best JSON-LD shopify app hands down. Support is outstanding! A must have for any shopify store.

-- Annanda Chaga Mushrooms

★★★★★ We have used JSON-LD on over 100 stores and it always outperforms every app on Shopify. This app saves 10-15 hours of manual updates to a store to make sure JSON-LD is correct. Highly suggest this app to anyone looking to have a great SEO experience.

-- Text Connects

★★★★★ White Glove service, quick replies, fully taken care of and managed well by their team with no effort from you. Might cost a couple bucks more than other solutions initially, but if you value your time at anything over $15/hour - this will end up being much cheaper

-- All Day Hoodie

★★★★★ The app does precisely what it says it will do. The post support and content provided in the follow-up emails (from Eric) are extremely useful real-world advice (0 fluff). I found this app to be totally worth the ROI. We confirmed the results very quickly. Thank you, Eric!

-- Iron Doggy™

★★★★★ Fantastic App! Would highly recommend. We switched over from another SEO app which we had used for years, it constantly had errors of late and we will never look back on making the change to JSON-LD for SEO. Setup was so Easy & Fast. The customer service has been outstanding and all of the errors we had in search console disappeared within days. Rich snippets were showing on our products within hours. Thank you so much :)

-- Katie J Design and Events

★★★★★ Eric is absolutely amazing. Truly 100% great support. Proactive and always with detail feedback. Keep the awesome job, Eric!

-- Honest PPE Supply

★★★★★ Great SEO application !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very efficient and gives good results for my shop. Thanks

-- Bracelet Fantaisie

★★★ I have no idea about improvement thanx to this app. So can you make some review about ma page and give me feedback how much your app helped me thx

Developer reply: Hey there, you have dozens of Rich Results in Google which you've had since July of last year when we were emailing back and forth about it. If you want to see details or have any other questions, you can email me inside the app or on this page with the Get Support link. That's the best way to get support because I can't attach any links or screenshots here into Shopify's reviews.


★★★★★ This is a great app. I installed it a little over a week ago and my rich results are already appearing in Google images. Eric has also been very helpful and constantly sends updates and tips. I definitely recommend this for every store.

-- Infyssal

★★★★★ We have been really impressed with this app and the excellent support from Eric. His knowledge is 1st class!

-- Glitzy Secrets

★★★★★ Super support from Eric. Worked quickly. Installed on June 12th, Rich Results were showing June 25th. Foundational SEO made easy. Do it!

-- Paleo Treats®

★★★★★ This has been the best value and most worthwhile purchase for my store. Not only do you get the rich snippets, Eric also sends the most informative emails on how to get the most out of your seo work. I was concerned about the huge amount upfront but would pay double now i know how valuable it is to the success on my store.

-- Ivanna Vape

★★★★★ This is a must-have for all Shopify stores. We installed JON-LD for SEO more than 6 months ago to help resolve flakiness with Google Shopping. After about 40 days all of the errors were gone (except the ones we introduced ourselves) and our feed was working with no issue. And then new revenue started to appear - both an increase in organic and paid traffic which both yielded sales. Any questions we had along the way were quickly answered by Eric.

-- West Ninth Vintage

★★★★★ Awesome! Helpful service too. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- AmbrogioShoes

★★★★★ A really simple transaction with no input required. Rich snippets appeared on my products within a week! I loved the free SEO content that they sent me later which has helped to kickstart the SEO for my store at Eric really knows his stuff.

-- The Memory Building Company

★★★★★ Eric has been outstanding. We have been seeing growth in our search traffic as well as having items come up as products in image search. Beyond the above, he has been a big help both before and after I purchased the app integration with SEO questions that are well beyond the basics.

-- Fat Bass Tone

★★★★★ The app works very well after some adjustments that we made on our website following Eric's guidelines. Eric, the manager of the app, is very reactive, nice and helpful to set up the app. He also gave me some additional advice regarding the SEO and rich snippets of my website. I am very satisfied and i really recommend this app !


★★★★★ I've only had the app for a short time so it's a bit early to see SEO results. However, Eric has been great about sending SEO tips, letting me know when my rich snippets are available and even let me know my products are showing up with images as well. I'll review again in three months and six months after the app has had more time to build SEO.

-- Be Kind Botanicals, Inc.

★★★★★ I would give this 10 stars if I could. Eric's support is swift and extremely easy to follow. He actually took the time to tell me about some mistakes I had made that would have a negative impact on my google SEO. This app put me at the top of search results quickly. Easily the best money I have ever spent on any app.

-- Lilly Ds DIY Craft Supplies

★★★★★ I'm thrilled so far! I signed up in March and a month later rich snippets started to appear. I'm so excited and relieved to have this work done for my site...and so affordably. Eric really makes the whole experience so low stress and he continues to give great service and insights. I highly recommend

-- CastleWare Baby

★★★★★ Very happy with this app and the customer service! Definitely worth the cost. Would highly recommend :)

-- Fresh Patch

★★★★★ After setting up my Shopify store without using a developer, it felt like I could do anything! Until I started reading about Schema mark up, Rich Snippets, Rich Results, etc... Typically when reading blogs and watching YouTube videos on the subjects, it will give me clarification. But in this case... I was lost, and became more lost. Knowing however how important it is for SEO, I went searching for an App. The price of the JSON LD for SEO App is definitely a little steep, but well worth it if you just want something to work automatically, and have it work well. Google changes things on a monthly basis it seems like, so to have Eric the App developer watch out for that, and adjust things when they need it, is another reason why the App is well worth the one time fee. In my store's case it took a couple of months for the rich result and snippets to show up, but that was all up to Google. Eric had already warned me for that, sometimes it takes a week and sometimes up to 3 months, which is out of his control. But now all working, it's already made a big difference. On top of all that, Eric's support has been tremendous. He sends out Newsletters on a daily basis with great info, and encourages anybody to ask questions about anything that's store- and its success related. Eric knows a lot, so besides all the Json Ld stuff, he's provided me with great knowledge and advice, and sends his replies the same or next day! Can't beat the App and the Support! Anna S. Chance Loves

-- Chance Loves

★★★★★ This is by far, the BEST app for SEO, Rich Snippets, Traffic, oh and if you need support....the best customer service and support to match the quality of this app! This app has had a Huge Impact on our Google Presence and should not be overlooked. Give this app a try and let it work it's magic.....We did and we couldn't be Happier!!

-- Animals Matter, Inc.

★★★★★ His email list alone is worth the price. No clue if the app is actually helping but I'm assuming so!

-- Uprising Food, Inc.

★★★★★ Eric and his team are great! Always happy to help you. He also does an excellent job in keeping the app regularly updated to ensure it works perfectly. Would highly recommend this app.

-- Number Six

★★★★★ I was looking for an app to help me with SEO with a one time fee. A+++ communication/results so far!

-- Rush Creek Vintage

★★★★★ Lots of results from the original plan so I opted for the upgrade. Seems to be doing a lot for my SEO!

-- Fleet Sheets

★★★★★ Installed JSON-LD after getting some warnings from Google about my structured data. It Just Worked. There was no code and no support needed. About a week later, rich snippets were displaying in search results. I’m thrilled by this investment in click-through rate. Thanks, Eric!

-- Double Your WDW

★★★★★ Three weeks ago I opened a shop in Shopify, and a week later, I bought this excellent application. In just two weeks I started seeing some of my products on Google, and the best part is that I've already had some sales (without any ads). Also, my page is improving Google positions, and I’m sure it will be on the first pages soon. The truth is that I recommend everyone to trust JSON-LD for SEO. It's not a cheap application, but it gives me the peace of mind that behind the application, behind my store, there are experts in Google Rich Results who advise me on how to improve my store to get better on Google and they work to get it.

-- Painting with Diamonds

★★★★★ Eric is very nice and helpful and the app seems to work nicely after a few weeks. Will continue to monitor, but it seems fine. Thanks!

-- Health from Transylvania

★★★★★ What a great app and support from Eric. With no drama most of our Google data issues disappeared after we installed the app. Eric is super knowledgeable in google structured data and provided a lot of great information to help us get the most out of the app. One of the best apps on shopify.


★★★★★ Eric, the creator/owner, does an excellent job in keeping the app regularly updated to ensure it works. He's also an exceptional communicator. I recently had questions & concerns regarding our site. Eric took the time to answer all my questions, providing details & resources that a novice such as myself could use & understand.

-- Magnus Home Products

★★★★★ I use this app to help me get better rankings and show up in Google. I see it has already started showing some rich results. Can't wait to see what it continues to do

-- Grayson Monáe

★★★★★ I had issues with the google search console & warnings and was looking into an expensive fix through the ad agency I was working with. After an independent contractor recommened this App it took care of my search console issues and best off all now I don't have to pay extra whenever I upgrade my shopify theme. this app takes care of all the data structure and I can now freely upgrade my store to stay current with the theme I am using. Before I had to repay the agency whenever I upgraded the theme. and did I mention the super customer service & informal emails I got right from the beginning. $299 well spent

-- weplaywelltogether

★★★★★ Wow. This is a real service, that REALLY works - with real support that you can really really count on. Worth every penny.

-- Modest Mounts

★★★★★ Easy to implement and worth the investment. I warmly recommend if you want a good solution for Rich Results.

-- BeCoffee

★★★★★ Does a fantastic job, support is great and everything works seamlessly. Highly recommended to everyone.

-- EZ Organic Shop

★★★★★ Start to use this app a couple of weeks ago, the installation was very simple. Nice app. Already showing reach snippet on the Google search results

-- Trusted Caskets

★★★★★ I am extremely happy with this app and support staff! They fixed a bug on my site before I even installed their app! Results showing after just one week! WOW! Automatically updates. Well worth the money!

-- J.D. Gifts

★★★★★ Great App, Great Service, and Great Value. You can't ask for much more than that. Eric is a wizard and a professional.

-- Morale Patch® Armory

★★★★★ You get what you pay for. Eric provides great service. We began seeing Rich Results in about 2 weeks.

-- Bloom Audio

★★★★★ I couldn't rate Eric (the founder) and the app high enough. From the moment I interacted with Eric before buying the app, the response has been amazing. He has provided me with answers that gave me full confidence in him and the JSON-LD for SEO app. He was able to identify where my current issues were and supported me in fixing these issues before installing the app. I know there's a free app out there but don't bother with that. The $299 investment is well worth it. And you know what, I can already see after 2 weeks my 5-star review snippets in Google and I know that it has brought me some sales as I can see that in my Google Analytics. Really worth the investment if you're serious about your SEO.

-- Petits Rituels

★★★★★ This is a super cool feature that everyone needs to take advantage of. Google indexing with rich content is the way to go. Looking forward to the results!

-- Trivoshop

★★★★★ Every store NEEDS this app! App developer is great to work with. responds promptly and is very helpful.

-- Pres

★★★★★ Eric has been extremely helpful and responsive to all requests during the installation of the app for my website. He's gone above and beyond, is easy to deal with and provides sound advice.

-- Holley Day

★★★★★ It has been just over a week after I installed the app and already have a couple of pages with rich snippets show up. That's much quicker than I expected. Thanks! Looking forward to increasing my search traffic this holiday season.

-- Nodeform

New update from support: "You are welcome to continue the use of my app, however I will no longer be responding to your emails. If that does not suit you, you are welcome to uninstall and remove the code." You shall think twice before you pay $299 Replay to UpDate 4 December, 2019: I still have Schema issue, for some Theme you need customise it, if anybody will have the same issue watch this video, since you will have zero support from support Also I used different app on my other web site to install JSON, the same issue they fixed in 48 hours. I don't know why, but Sitelinks searchbox with different up App I have already 38 valid pages with this app only 1. Thank you for your replay. However I sent you scenn short, which indicate your app create warning. I check few website of my competitors, which in sero point inn Google, they don't have any warning, meaning till I will be clean, nothing will change my possition in Google rancking. It may be good app, which shall improve your SEO, but at the same time you shall expect few erros and warning, which you may have after installation. When you buy app, not thing said about conflicting app. I paid $299 for app and $500 to third party to clean old codes. It was not bad, at least I did a lot of cleaning and improvments. However I still have one waring, which according to Google testing tool come from JSON-LD for SEO. App developer give very interesting replay "not apply to your type of business". Just let you know, you may ask if app apply to your type (shopity store) business before install and buy it.

Developer reply: Update December 4th, 2019 This store received Rich Results 11 days after installing, the majority including the product review data. Now about 45 days after installing about 96% of their products have Rich Results showing the reviews, prices, and product availability (the most complete style Google awards). - - - October 25th reply: It's unfortunate that after 26 emails back and forth, you still feel this way. Your review is missing some important details: 1. There was preexisting code from another app and your theme had errors before you installed JSON-LD for SEO. After installing my app four days ago, I personally reviewed your store and recommended that you remove the other app as it was harming your SEO and would cause a conflict in Google. 2. After you uninstalled the other app, all of the data from JSON-LD for SEO was and has continued working as expected. 3. You repeatedly asked why an optional 'review' field was missing in the data (your warning you mentioned in your review). I informed you that it is not used on Shopify stores as it is for review websites such as reviewing a movie or a restaurant. I also informed you that if you tried to use that 'review' field, Google would reclassify or penalize your store for misusing that field and reviews. I shared links to Google's documentation that says the same thing and provided you an example of where it has happened to another Shopify store. You ignored my responses and advice. 4. At no point did I tell you to clean any old code except for uninstalling the app in #1 which should have been performed by that app's support for free. It's also truly unfortunate that you spent $500 for a third party to clean old codes in your store, that was NOT from my advice and is unrelated to my app. Perhaps in time, you'll feel more comfortable with my advice instead.

-- Global Seafoods North America

★★★★★ We originally installed this app about 4 months ago in the hope to get our structured data sorted given the limitations most themes have on this front. It has taken some time for our results to reappear, but we're getting there bit by bit. What I do have to say is that, aside from the app itself being a brilliant addition to your webstore - Eric is one of the best communicators i've ever dealt with across a 10 year period of using Shopify. He responds to emails promptly. He responds to emails with detail. Eric goes above and beyond - you're not only getting a solution to your structured data problem, but you're also getting an education along the way. With so many cogs involved in running a business - it can be overwhelming dealing with every little issue and trying to have profundity in every single arena. If every developer conducted themselves in the manner that Eric did - we'd all be much, much better off. Thanks Eric, Sam Iron Tanks Gym Gear

-- Iron Tanks

★★★★★ Installed this app last week and already seeing results. Eric is really amazing with support - responds right away. He even monitored the progress for me and sent an update to let me know my rich snippets were already showing up in Google. Highly recommend!


★★★★★ Well worth the money and quick results. Wish I had added this app earlier. Did everything it said it would and much quicker than expected.

-- Henderson Garden Supply

★★★★★ Within eight days I had rich snippets for review stars, review count, price, and stock. Eric has been amazing with responding to questions and issues from previous SEO apps, ensuring that everything on the backend looks good for SEO purposes. Not everyone will get the rich snippets so quickly, google has been kind to us, but it does work.

-- Binoid CBD

★★★★★ JSON-LD is well worth the investment. We started seeing rich results within about 5-6 weeks. Then, recently Google came out with new Rich Results rules and updates, and I wasn't worried at all because I knew Eric would make sure everything was updated accordingly. Total peace of mind.

-- Frank & Georgia

★★★★★ very easy to use. works perfect and I saw the result nearly in no time in Google. you get very fast an answer from the developer. I recommend this app.

-- 4yourdog

★★★★★ Im 99% sure this was worth doing haha.. I think its because I find google search results hard to find by making searches and seeing our actual products. pages don't seem to show the stars.. support is always good. used on our site

-- Annalise Jewellery

★★★★★ Worth every penny. Eric is phenomenal. Saw a drastic increase in traffic within a month. I will continue to do business with this company for a long time.

-- Painteye

★★★★★ Brilliant app. I have no idea about coding so takes all the pressure off me trying to work it all out. Best app for improving SEO results. Thank you JSON-LD for the great work!

-- Aroma Addiction

★★★★★ You get exactly what you pay for, Eric was always there to help us out, very happy with my experience

-- Iced Tea Aesthetics

★★★★★ We've used it at Lovepray Jewelry for a long time now and love it. I had some questions about it and contacted their support team and it was crazy fast and amazing. Thank you!

-- Lovepray jewelry

★★★★★ We have two stores with the JSON-LD for SEO app. Our visibility has increased dramatically over the last few months. Keep in mind that using this service does not provide overnight magic. Patience is paramount, no one can force Google to show results overnight, even Eric can't. The support we received from Eric is simply AMAZING and SPEEDY! He cares about his customers in a way that makes you feel like you are the only one that reaches out to him. Do not hesitate to INVEST in this app, you will not be sorry :) Fred @


★★★★★ Easy to install and support seems within easy reach. Clear and easy to understand tidbits are emailed regularly.

-- A. Dodson's

★★★★★ Great app. It does what is should be. Google picked up changes withing 1 week. So we'll continue to use this app.


★★★★★ Jason was very helpful and provided results within the first month. He is always available if I have any questions. Would definitely recommend.

-- Sweat industry

NB: From Jun 9 till Sep 10 (3months) Still no results in Fact too much warnings and errors, site links search box still going down everyday in Google search console, i had to hire someone to remove this app and install everything again properly. ***DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME WITH THIS APP*** _________________________________________________________ The worst app ever i didnt see any improvement. I didnt see any rich results... we paid for nothing... and when i ask eric for refund he said he dont do it. i install it for 3 months now nothing shows.... always giving me reasons for not working.... the people who write they see results in 3 days lLOOOLLL that is so funny dont purchase it and make our mistakes. NB: 1-the other app your saying that i install it was before yours dear. Again you didnt say anything until i asked you after 1 month when i will see results?? and you suggest to remove the first one.

Developer reply: September 9th update: You do not have the right to call me names, call my customers names, and send me harassing emails. I do not tolerate this sort of behavior. You do not have to like the app or find it valuable, but you do have to treat people with respect. Your license is revoked and you are no longer able to access my app. Since writing this reply below, this customer has continued to send harassing emails full of insults and update their review to manipulate me into giving them a refund. Original response from August 12th: 1. You installed JSON-LD for SEO on June 9th, it is now August 12th. That's 2 months and 3 days, not 3 months. 2. One month in (July 8th) you installed another app that tampered with and damaged your structured data. When I detected that, I recommended removing it because it would block your Rich Results and reset Google's analysis timeline. 3. After the offending app was removed, your structured data started working again on July 10th. By installing that other app you lost a month of progress and were starting over from day 1 with Google. 4. Over the last 2 months I've told you that the speed at which Google awards Rich Results can vary. I recommended multiple times that you should use this time to be working on other parts of your SEO and to be patient with your structured data, as changes to it can reset the analysis (point #2). To sum it up: a month into the process your store installed another app whose bugs broke all of your structured data. When that app was removed 32 days ago Google has since restarted your analysis. My advice to you then and still is to be patient, stop changing the structured data in your store, and give Google time to run their analysis. If you do this, you still might receive Rich Results since you have JSON-LD for SEO installed. Additionally there is no need to accuse other customers of lying just because they received results faster. They followed my advice with the structured data, put in hard work on their SEO, and thus were rewarded by Google.

-- Roano Collection

★★★★★ Super easy to install and already seeing some rich results after just one week. Best of all, the support is absolutely top notch! The app developer went above and beyond to answer a few questions I had. Really happy to have found this app!

-- Zutano

★★★★★ JSON-LD for SEO is a fantastic app. We saw rich snippets appearing in Google search results within 3 weeks of installing the application. It's super easy to install, and requires very little to no configuration. To put it simply, it just works. On top of that, Eric is fantastic to work with and is very responsive to emails with questions or suggestions. Highly recommend!!

-- Campus Classics

★★★★★ Super job getting my listings on Google, I have complete confidence in Eric and his ability to optimize my listings for Google's new search algorithm. I've read some of the negative reviews and have to mention that SEO isn't easy for a reason, in order for Google to provide accurate search results you must properly describe your every item with genuine, unique keywords. Google's AI can detect listings that attempt to game the search results. Eric knows his stuff, his skills are specific and limited but that's why he gets great results. He has always been very helpful and polite when I've contacted him with questions.

-- Buttons For the People

★★★★★ I came across Eric's app while searching the App Store. After reading the great reviews I decided to give it a try. The thing I liked most was the one time charge and the ability to get rich results. Eric was prompt to my initial emails and answered all my questions. 5 star for customer service, which I strive for with my own business. Eric also took the time to email me personally to show how my rich results were already starting show 2 weeks in. So far his app works as suggested and I would recommend it to others. He also sends out daily emails that make for great reads and are very informative. Keep up the great work Eric

-- Mark Ryden Canada

★★★★★ Everything looks awesome so far. I'm on Google. Nice Job. My products are showing up just the way I want them too, to catch people's attention to come to my site. Now I just need some buyers to go with it. people visit the site but do not buy. I can not figure it out. I need buyers . I don't need to keep paying google. for clicks with no conversions

-- ljbyourhome

★★★★★ Always an email away to help with the tough questions! Eric knows his stuff - I definitely recommend. Thanks again.


★★★★★ Great app. Easy to install. Can't quantify any increase in search-related traffic just yet, but everything seems to be working flawlessly and best of all Eric offers great support, definitely an A+++

-- Curated Tree

★★★★★ Very good application. I think is the best. Very good support. very good information from developer . It's worth buying.

-- Delta Strom

★★★★★ This has helped me with Google's Rich Snippets! I chose this app because it was a one time fee but it also works with reviews. However, Eric has already proven to be so helpful with additional support or questions. Would recommend to ANY E-commerce store.

-- Cajun Crate & Supply

★★★★★ Super fast results! I think we hit a new record but it only took 3 days for our structured product review data to show up in Google results. Very responsive founder/support when I wanted to verify that everything was set up correctly. I wish I had done this years ago. Close your eyes and approve the one-time charge - you won't regret your decision!

Developer reply: You're correct, your 3 days from install to Rich Results beat the previous record of 6 days. You should take some credit yourself as Google likes Shopify stores with high-quality content and customer reviews.

-- Takeout Kit

★★★★★ Fantastic app for rich snippets and amazing follow up information at no extra cost. Highly recommend

-- My Fancy Dress

★★★★★ This is more than just an app, its a service with expertise. I feel like I gain another person to our team.

-- Protected Trust

★★★★★ Was working within a week. Worth the money, I have already told several people about it. Love the fact that i can change theme and then simply click a button to add in SEO friendly code.

-- Royal Essence AU

★★★★★ Already seeing results! Absolutely love how available Eric is when it comes to answering SEO questions. He has some great advice on top of the service.

-- Mutt Pack Outfitters

★★★★★ The JSON-LD application works perfectly, my rich content started showing up on Google very quickly and they have great super quick customer service

-- Wowe Lifestyle

★★★★★ Can't recommend this enough. The rich snippets are really making our Google results stand out, and it adds additional details to your Google Shopping ads (images) as well which is brilliant!

-- House of Knives

★★★★★ Great app. Easy to use. I love the automation. As others have said. Eric offers phenomenal support.

-- Game Room Shop

★★★★★ FINALLY a solid SEO solution! JSON-LD is a hassle free SEO app that works well with superb customer support.


★★★★★ Great Customer Service, Eric Always answers all my questions. I have the app for less than a month and I see the increase of visits to my site. I recommend 100%

-- Garden statuary in USA

★★★★★ This app is absolutely worth every penny. Our orgranic traffic has increased immensely since installing this application. Some of the categories that were struggling to rank well are now performing better than ever. The support has been amazing too, thanks for developing such a great app!

-- Stars and Stripes Lighting

★★★★★ 10/10 This really helped our SEO. A low maintenance, intuitive solution. Customer service is A++++++

-- Holiday

★★★★★ I installed JSON-LD & had some updated rich snippets showing about a week later. My shop already had some structured data, but it was limited & only the reviews were showing. So now I have prices & availability showing for some of my listings now too. I had a few questions about the app, before & after the purchase. Eric was very prompt & thorough when answering me. I'm not sure what all goes into programming structured data, but I know I wasn't up to doing it myself. So it's great that I could just install this & be done with it. And it sounds great that I won't have to do anything on my own in the future too! I’ve also gone through Eric’s website to read his helpful blog posts & daily email newsletters. I’ve learned a number of things so far, so I appreciate Eric’s insights!

-- CanningCrafts

When I started my Shopify store, I did not have too much experience relating to the SEO, Rich Snippets and this kind of things, that is why I thought that it could be one of the best option for my store and I paid the $299, after that I had some questions relating to the app, SEO and things like that. When I tried to ask my questions I have always got very rude responses, I felt very ashamed. Anyway, I thought that maybe he offers one of the best app in the Shopify app store, that is why he is charging that amount of money and behave me in a very rude way.(maybe due to that reasons it could be acceptable). It has been more than 3 months and for now, I have more experience about the SEO, Rich Snippets, way of the Support that average app owners provide and so on. For now, my store got rich snippets in the google search, but it has almost zero effect to my sales and as I get more experience I encountered with many apps that offer same service for a very, very low price and as I read the reviews of them I can see that their customers also happy with that apps. I cannot say that he did not provide what he claimed, but the thing is you can find same service for almost 10 times cheaper price. Just google it and even you can search in the Shopify app store, you will definitely find better and cheaper apps. As I mentioned above, when I purchase that app, I did not have experience, if I saw the review something like that I would purchase cheaper version of the exactly same service and most importantly, I could get better customer service. The most important lesson for me in the Shopify business was do not spend too much money for the things that you could get very, very cheaper version. You could ask that why there is a too many positive reviews here, as I mentioned above, they provide whatever they claim but most probably many of the positive review owners still have not made a research for the cheaper version or just close their store after few months later. Hope this review could help others, because I think that in that business everyone should help each other. Good luck to everyone

Developer reply: It wasn't my intention to be rude or make you feel ashamed. Re-reading the emails, many of your emails were asking for services which I don't provide (social media marketing, affiliate marketing, PPC, other SEO services). Each of those I gave you what advice I could and told you how to look for someone who could help you (e.g. consultant). My response to your last email was more direct because that was the 4th time you've asked the same question and it appeared to me that you were ignoring my recommendations. - - - > I cannot see the rich snippets, I wonder if there is any problem with the app? Hey there, How are you searching for the Rich Results? I've searched for your Rich Results three times in response to your emails, each time showing you a sample of the Rich Results you have (April 11th, April 23rd, May 13th). Searching again today [June 20th] I can still see dozens of Rich Results (attached). I'd recommend again to follow my article on how to search for Rich Results. It's the only way to consistently tell if they've been awarded. [link to a resource on how to find Rich Results]

-- Lofthigher

★★★★★ Great App, with the best support. I am using it for more than 6 months already and have seen 500-550% increase in impressions of google snippets.

-- განვადებით ყიდვა, ფასდაკლება, იაფად, გარანტია, ინტერნეტ მაღაზია უფასო მიტანით მთელ საქართველოში

★★★★★ Full 10* Reveiw Good app works wonders. Adds value to SEO Google now pickup Reveiws from other websites that have the same product.


★★★★★ This app really helped! Well worth the money as it’s all automatic so after it’s installed I didn’t have to do anything!

-- Deep Sleeps

★★★★★ Super easy installation. Once in place, I resubmitted sitemaps to Google and Bing and found rich snippets in search results within just a couple days. Can't quantify any increase in search related traffic just yet, but everything seems to be working flawlessly. It's going to be well worth the basic plan rate many times over I suspect. Eric also provides additional tips and insights across many different subjects via his email newsletter. Will likely be very informative and helpful for most store owners. Thank you, Art in Coins.

-- Art in Coins

Usually I do not leave reviews unless I can say something good, but felt that we needed to make others aware to warn them, so they can save themselves the trouble/disappointment and skip this app and work with another app/company. Essentially, it has gotten to the point where it seems like this app developer does not care about his clients anymore and provide misleading and false advertisement; since, he may believe he has gotten enough good reviews in the past, so he doesn’t need to bother anymore. In that, we signed up with this app developer about a year ago and at the time he offered two license plans: JSON-LD Basic tier option [$69] and JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ option [$299]. However, although money was tight, we chose to invest more upfront with this app developer by opting to pay for the $299 Premium Plus plan and install the app [he just recently stopped offering the $69 basic plan in 02-04-19]. Please note, he advertises this app as a one-time fee setup for each Shopify business store. During this time we rebranded and trademarked our brand and as a result updated our store URL to be consistent with our new trademarked brand. Since it’s the same business we also setup a permanent redirect of the old-shop-URL to the new-shop-URL. At the time we also had about 3 other one-time charge apps, including the JSON‑LD for SEO, making it 4 one-time charge apps in total; along with several other paid monthly apps. Subsequently, we contacted all 4 app developers including JSON‑LD for SEO that provided the app at a one-time charge, to let them know we changed our brand but we are the same business and all products are same just update to our shop URL. All the app developers had no problem checking/verifying this, then told us to go ahead and install the app again and then they moved over/restored our account settings to the new shop URL without charging us again; since it’s the same business with one Shopify account. However, its only Eric D the developer for this app, that refused to help us restore our previous paid account license and went as far as insulting us by telling us we can sign up for the $69.00 Basic license instead of the$299 Premium+ license because after 02-04-19, he would only be offering the $299 plan [as if we were unable to afford the $299 plan though we already paid him $299]. However, when I countered that if we wanted to buy his basic plan for $69, I would not have given him $300 for the premium plus+ plan before, for our Shopify store. He basically responded and stated in summary that, ‘since you are using a new myshopify url, it does not matter if it’s the same business and store, the only thing that matter is that only that you have a new Shopify account that has not paid for the app yet’. So, we were really shocked and felt cheated by this response, because for him to communicate this after advertising that’s it’s a onetime fee license for one shop, it became very concerning the way he dealt with me and his cold inflexibility. For although we are a startup, we did not hesitate before to pay him for the JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ at $299 and now we are not able to benefit from the app, since you would have had to wait a longer term to see the results. But because of this very bad support service we will never we no longer have the app setup for our store because of this unfair app developer. However, I did not want to waste any more time trying to reason with him on this, because it was pretty clear cut, that he had a choice to do the right thing and help us restore our previously paid licensed account like the other app developers, since it’s the same shop and business and he chose not to do the right thing. So, I just decided to cut our losses with him while we are ahead and alert others about this dishonest/misleading practice. Also, please note, once I told this app developer I was going to share my experience, he did not respond. But all of a sudden, the regular business tips newsletter he was sending me before when I paid for the $299 plan, stopped abruptly, so it looks like we got unsubscribed from his newsletter. Which actually works out best for us, because when you first signup up for his plan, he starts spamming you with several canned emails in an exaggerated effort to show he cares about your business when the reality is, he doesn’t. So, we would rather not get any emails from him, because what he is telling you, you can easily get this information from Shopify blogs and online resources when you need it. So, I am glad he has decided to stop spamming us, because 99% of his canned emails we don’t read anyway. Since then, we’ve researched and signed up for the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that does the same thing his app does for $299, so we wish we had found that before we lost $299 with him. Plus, to complete our SEO circle we also use the Smart SEO app that does even more and that team is very professional/easy to work with. The cool thing is that Smart SEO works awesome with the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that replaces this app, so there is no app conflict. Plus, to ensure we get the best results, we are doing ongoing organic SEO optimization for our shop as well for the long term game and PPC for short term, that helps balances out our store traffic very well. Hope this helps.

Developer reply: Store rebranding and changing the domain name is fine and many customers do that all the time. In this case, your original account on Shopify was closed when you moved to a different platform for a year. Then when you came back to Shopify you created a completely new account. That's why your previous license for the app could not be transferred, it is tied to your original account not your new one. My guess is that the other three apps you are referring to comped you their apps, essentially giving you two copies for the price of one. Similar to you, I am a startup and I am unable to give away copies of my apps for free. I'm glad you found alternatives for SEO and I wish you success.

-- SunPlum

★★★★★ This is a great app, that is having an impact on our traffic and search appearance already. The personal hands-on support from the creator is great.

-- Expert Toolkit

★★★★★ It is the best purchase decision I've made for my Shopify store so far. Eric is a really nice person and professional in his field. He is always trying to solve my problems with his 5-star customer support. From this point, you can actually tell the difference between a 5-star app and 4.5-star app.

-- Linenly

★★★★★ Awesome app! Started seeing results within just one week. Eric was very helpful and I must say, really an expert in his field.

-- Go Bloom & Glow

★★★★★ I first heard about this app through an active, paid Facebook group I'm in that's all about marketing. I took their word for it and bought the app. I'm still fairly new to the app but in the meantime, I totally appreciate how I'm educated about SEO with their occasional emails. I clicked on one, which led me to a wealth of information that I started learning from. Their support team is awesome - I was able to figure out how to restructure my out of stock items so it will help me with SEO rather than hurt me. I'm excited to learn more about this great tool, and to watch how it helps my store.

-- MadeOn Skin Care

★★★★★ It is not easy to see the results before and after any SEO app installation. I guess anything to do with SEO is tough and takes time so this review isn't for the effectiveness of the this app. However, Eric is very responsive and helpful and this app is only one off purchase so I give a 5 to Eric's service and affordability of the app.

-- One Fine Secret

★★★★★ This app is pretty great so far. We started to see rich-snippet google results within a week. Highly recommended!

-- Foods Alive Inc.

★★★★★ Great product and great service, always very responsive to my questions and emails. Product seems to work as advertised.


★★★★★ I'm working hard to improve SEO on our site. Since I'm not very technical, JSON-LD for SEO made something complex easy. It installed with no problems, and even after two weeks we're starting to see Rich Snippet data in search results. Very pleased with that. On top of this, Eric is exceptional in his customer service. He has gone out of his way to provide some very thorough answers to a few questions that came up. Any he continues to provide valuable information on an ongoing basis.

-- 12x12 Cardstock Shop

★★★★★ I just installed the app today. Eric was GREAT and answered my questions, both before and after the installation. I can see the improvements that were made to my structured data. For those of you who are a bit impatient, it is supposed to take some time for the search engines to take effect, but you can immediately see the changes working when using the google tools. Thanks Eric!

-- Just Go Travel Studios

★★★★★ Excellent app - I have rolled out across 6 sites I manage and the results have been exactly what was promised. I am not sure if some of the other users writing reviews here understand what this tool does? It doesn't increase traffic. It increases the quality of your results when they are displayed. If SEO / SEM was as easy as installing an app and pushing a button the seller would be a millionaire. Get real.

-- industrialbrushware

★★★★ As yet i have seen no increase in traffic to my website after a month or so. Hopefully this will change soon. The news letter from Eric is of great interest.

-- Gardening Requisites

★★★★★ I just installed this app recently but am already seeing positive results with Google. The support is very responsive and very helpful. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve their SEO results with Google.

-- Animal Social Company

★★★★★ Excellent. Created Google Snippets on our website within a couple of weeks. Very happy with the results. So simple to install - clicked one button. Done!


★★★★★ I have just installed this app and am waiting on the results. Eric sends informative helpful emails. I have already noticed improved search results. Enquires are dealt with promptly and accurately Thank you

-- Jeans 2 Die 4

★★★★★ The developer is very responsive, and the app is frequently updated to take into account new changes in JSON, this makes the one time charge seem cheap for what we receive. We have a highly customized site and have been using this app for quite some time, and recently had a question about reviews JSON, and Eric (the developer) was quick to reply with a detailed answer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-- Antique Jewelry Mall

★★★★★ The app is fine, but the support is phenomenal. Eric is awesome and really understands the intersection between SEO and actual business realities. Definitely recommend him.

-- The Hatch Chile Store

★★★★★ Brilliant app and 1st class support from Eric. Highly recommended. Now we have our reviews, price, and availability Rich Snippets showing up on Google, helping to increase traffic and sales.

-- Nationwide Trailer Parts Ltd

★★★★★ Just downloaded this app and in less than 5 minutes all rich snippet errors we had disappeared! Highly recommend.

-- GloFix

★★★★★ So thrilled! One of our listings had a rich snippet within a week of installing the JSON-LD app. AND... the CTR on Google Search Console went from 5.9 to 29.4% on this item. Woohoo! That is REALLY exciting! :) Thanks Eric for doing what you do. Jann from

-- The Lamp Goods

★★★★★ Structure data is very inportant and reccomend to use . Eric nice guy with big expirience but he need more people in team to not have delays. Anyway thanks and best regards.evilrpm

Developer reply: I'm a bit confused. We've emailed back and forth at least a dozen times and I've responded to every one of your emails, many of which you replied to. You have Rich Results from JSON-LD for SEO. When you emailed in January about two weeks after installing you had 20 products in Google, none with Rich Results. Now almost 6 months later you have 694 products in Google, 49 of the first 60 have Rich Results (about 80%) and they continue through dozens of pages. There are no product reviews on your website, so there are no reviews to show to Google. Once you collect customer reviews in your product reviews app, then they'll be available to JSON-LD for SEO and be able to be formatted for Google. If you have further questions, please email me. I answer support every weekday, typically within a few hours.

-- Evilrpm

★★★★★ This is exactly the app I was hoping to find since rich snippets, structured data and were a complete mystery to me. Eric's tech support is incredible. I've never known anyone to be so helpful and prompt. I purchased the premium plan and holy cow it is SO worth it!!

-- BeautifulBagsEtc

★★★★★ I can't express and tell what's better than best. This app really help us achieve and have a well defined digital footprint on search engines. I will recommend you guys to avail the Plus version since there is really a major +.

-- Mandaue Foam

★★★★★ Wow, I am blown away. I don't really write too many reviews but this app takes it home. I've been struggling with Google Merchant Center trying to get my structured data to be valid and compliant until I came across Eric's magic machine. Really happy with its performance and results. Took the stresses and problems I've had over a week at the instance I threw my one-time fee at him. Thanks Eric, keep up the amazing work. can't wait to see how it performs with Google Ads. Cheers.

-- Mille Sourire

★★★★★ This app was very simple to install and Eric provided outstanding customer service. Highly recommend.

-- Please + Thanks

★★★★★ This is a great app and the support is amazing! We have had great results using this on our site. Highly recommend this SEO app

-- Predator Cycling

★★★★★ Can't say enough about Eric - developer of this app. He's super attentive, and helpful and almost always available to lend a hand.

-- DopeBoo

★★★★★ Excellent! Worked like a charm! Really easy to setup. No additional costs or gotchas. Lifelong updates + 1 time purchase = 5 stars

-- Katie Doodle

★★★★★ Absolutely amazing app and app developer! Our products now really stand out in the google search results. 100% recommend this app for anyone serious about ecom!

-- Moto Loot

★★★★★ I used this app to correct micro-data errors in my Google Merchant center feed. Over 700 errors fixed in less than 10 days! Super Awesome

-- SimpleVeganMarket

★★★★★ I used this app to help me improve my SEO and rich snippets. I am still waiting on the results but the implementation process was easy and the support has been top notch. I enjoyed the one-time fee structure.

-- Freedom Rave Wear

★★★★★ The magical man behind the app provides excellent customer support and very quickly too. I was amazed at his response...i have great hopes that this will work for helping with google stars and stuff...thank you eric mike from ev

-- EightVape

★★★★★ Eric has been of great help throughout the process. Response time is very short, and has given us also free advice. We are new to the apps, but so far they seem to be working. Thank you.


★★★★★ I cannot comment on the results of the app yet since I installed it just a few days ago. But i wanted to say that Eric is a fantastic partner. I had quite a few questions and he answered all of them thoroughly and with lots of expertise. Thank you! Winfried (

-- Blanda Beauty

★★★★★ It's rare to find an honest developer with a true dedication to transparency and customer success. Eric and his apps are truly a gem. Exceptional and visible results in sales. A must have app for any shopify store. Thank you Eric.

-- Avanchy Sustainable Baby Dishware

★★★★★ Cheers to Eric for making this awesome app. Our second installation on a different website. Extremely useful app on JSON-LD. Plus an awesome one time charge. Got to love that.

-- Lucius Atelier

★★★★★ Simply the best SEO app around. The team kept installation a breeze. This will ensure your rich snippets are out on google. Ranking will be a different story all together.

-- Sin Chew Optics

★★★★★ This app has allowed us to have rich snippets with our review rankings show up in Google search results. I've also asked Eric a few questions about our site and search results and he has been very helpful every time! Highly recommend!

-- Erin Baker's®

★★★★★ I had a problem with Google stating that my site had a manual action to take and checked using JSON-LD for SEO structure data to find out if indeed there was an issue with one of my pages and sure enough 2 problems show up. I contacted immediately Eric from JSON-LD for SEO explaining the problem that Google was referring to and he was 100% correct in pinpointing exactly the problem and how to solve it. Happy to have this app on my site and be able to copy and paste any links from my site to check for structure data errors.

-- smart pattern making

★★★★★ I installed this app and within a couple months was already getting much more organic search traffic to our blog posts - I don't know if it was for sure related to this app but I can't find anything else to support the spike in search traffic. I also splurged for the premium one time to guarantee we got the rich-snippets -- and we got those too :-) I emailed Eric a few times to ask SEO questions and for his advice - and he has consistently been quick and helpful with his responses. Eric not only built a simple app that is effective, but he also genuinely cares and wants to help your store grow. Don't hesitate -- this is a worthy investment. Thanks for all the help and tips Eric!

-- Holstee

★★★★★ I have been using this app for couple of weeks now, so far so good. Eric is a very responsible guy, daily newsletter always relevant, and always promptly turn around for all my questions. Will still give some more time for the SEO result though.


★★★★★ A great, very useful app for SEO! I also really appreciate the one time fee model. Here are extra characters to meet the review minimum.

-- Keokee Travel Gear

★★★★★ I used a free app found in the app store which worked, however, it missed certain stuff being free it was better than nothing. I wanted something that would update & future proof the website in this side of SEO and this is the app you want This truly is a buy, install and let it do its job, Eric will notify you if he finds any issue and fixes it before you even knew there was an issue, to begin with. I emailed Eric regarding advice on how my site shows up in google mobile listings. Within 24hrs he emailed me back in great depth about how it's not a Json thing but explained how Google chooses images and site links depending on sites content etc. He even pointed me to some great tips & information regarding my issue which isn't even relevant to this app!!! If you're serious about maximizing your exposure in search listings and want great support to back it then the one-off payment for this app is well worth it and highly recommend. To me, Eric seems very knowledgeable and keeps up with the forever changing SEO environment & explains to us not so technical customers in an easy to understand way. Kudos Eric ('-')b

-- Dans Custom Portraits

★★★★★ As far as I can tell, this is a perfect app. Most shopify apps start out promising, then over time fail to do what you expected. This isn't one of those. To me, this app was MAGIC- it runs by itself, it does what it's intended to do, and it does it perfectly. Want structured product data that fits google's guidelines, but have no idea what that means or how to do it? Perfect, just install this app, run it, and you're done. Bonus: Like a lot of other apps, when you install it you automatically opt in to the creator's newsletter emails. This is the only one I haven't unsubscribed from. I've been reading them every day for at least a year, because he just seems to understand the demographic. There's a lot I want to know about e-commerce, but free time is scarce and most resources aren't helpful- too difficult, too theoretical, too specific. It's hard to explain, but this guy just has a knack for educating shopify store owners on the right topics, in the right way, and in a digestible way. It's the same reason the app works so well, I'm sure. Thanks, Brad

-- Warehouse Restaurant Deals

★★★★★ I liked the idea of paying a one time charge rather than the usual monthly bill. I knew very little about SEO. With Eric's help, I hope to have a successful store. His blogs emails are great! I have learned so much. You do not have to have technical knowledge to use this app!

-- Meow Bowwows

★★★★★ Great functionality! This app is very easy to set up and for a "one time" price it is great value for money. Thanks from team Fascinators UK

-- Fascinators Direct

★★★★★ I have had this app for over a year now. It is well worth the one-time cost. Within a few weeks I started to see SERP Rich Snippets showing up on my best selling products. It has helped with my click through rates and conversions due to that fact that my products really stood out in Google. I like the app a lot and he also send very interesting/informative newsletters on SEO topic so you can stay in the loop. Great App, Thank you Eric!

-- Heavenly Tresses

★★★★★ Been using for a while and recommended. While it may be hard to see the effects of it, know it's doing the job in the background and for me its the great communication form support and knowing it's being constantly updated and improved. SEO is an evolving beast and being a small store owner I need to be assured the basics are being taken care of.

-- Chateau Rouge Fine Foods

★★★★★ We aid the $69 one time for this and i think that's a great pricing model for the app. The dev seems to keep on top of updates and the functionality is all there. Thanks for the app -

-- Katys Boutique

★★★★★ Love that the developer of this app is giving consistent effort to help our store grow and finding new ways to get eyes on our site so we can have the opportunity to make every customer happy!

-- be pure beauty

★★★★★ I was in a real bind and this app and the man behind it are fantastic. I saw the traffic on my site have a substantial change within the first week. I highly recommend!!!

-- iBbeautiful

★★★★★ This is by far the best value for SEO enhancement within the Shopify App ecosystem. It runs automatically and seamlessly. We have been using JSON-LD for a year running in our Shopify stores and more recently in


★★★★★ I finally have product ratings showing up on google search results!! Finally the stars have aligned! Thanks Eric!

-- US Saddlebag

★★★★★ Great app and phenomenal support. Eric is dedicated to providing top notch knowlege, service and expertise. Highly recommend Little Stream Software.

-- Twigs and Twirls

★★★★★ Installing the app was as simple as could be. We've seen very positive results from the well-organized data. Eric, the app developer, has clear documentation and excellent customer service and follow up to questions.

-- Drunk Elephant

★★★ Didn't work with our currently installed theme file for our store. It did install some coding on the backend but wasn't a complete plug and play like we were hoping. Still have to hire a coder to finish the project. Just wish we would have known it may not work 100% upfront.

-- Grip Clean

★★★★★ Have had this installed for well over a year now, and has provided the rich snippet set up I needed in one hit. The support from Eric has been second to none... having upgraded to the premium package you get personalised help direct from the development team... even after all this time, Eric is still able to help answer my concerns and provide great advice to improve my on site SEO set up. Do not delay, get this app today!

-- Leangreens

★★★★★ Works great ! good customer service

-- Massivebest

★★★★★ This app is awesome but the support and info are even better. Opt in for the daily email and you will get tons of information everyday in your email. You cant go wrong with this at all unless you hate great info and improving your data structure on your site. This is a no brainer, especially at a one and done price! Started seeing rich snippets just as advertised and emails are always answered quickly.

-- Jps Bears

★★★★★ Great app. Works well and easy to use

-- Misthub

★★★★★ EXCELLENT support! Eric is fantastic and speaks to you in language I can understand instead of all of the technical terms. They are very quick to address any problems.

-- Think Heal Thrive

★★★★★ Really good service. But it still takes time to see its result. Will update soon

-- Beautygene

★★★★★ This application does exactly what it says and it works perfectly. I installed this app 6 month ago and the results are definitely there. I want to insist on the great support experience I had : very recently I installed one of those very fancy SEO app you can find on the shopify app store. I didn't like it so I uninstalled it. I sent right after an email to JSON-LD support to ask if they could check is JSON-LD was still working well. I had a very fast reply from Eric to let me know JSON-LD was still working fine. 48 hours later, Eric came back to me to alert me on the fact that all my store page titles and meta descriptions were removed probably after the uninstallation of this other SEO app. I didn't notice it and it could have taken me several more days to notice it. Thanks to Eric coming back to me, I was able to react fast and fix the issue before it impacts very badly my SEO. Long story short; the team behind this app is very professional and helpful and I think this should be known

-- La Boutique Moso

★★★★★ Highly recommended! Definitely worth the investment and the support is faultless.

-- Aduna

★★★★★ We measured result prior to installing the app and measured it on the previous month by sales from organic traffic. We experienced an increase of 8.56% increase in sales from organic traffic and 0.34% increase in conversion rate for the 30 days. The result is in the data :)

-- Ephraim Health Services Ltd

Awful app. Terrible support. After 1 day and several emails, I realized that the app cannot work in my store. Instead of giving me a refund, Eric said it's my problem. IM IN SHOCK ! 1 day I used the app and I pay for a lifetime. BE AWARE. Shame on you, Eric.

Developer reply: This store configured their product reviews app to combine reviews for their products (e.g. claiming 2,100 reviews on a product with 0 reviews). This is a violation of Google's policy and can cause Google to penalize the domain and remove all Rich Results. When the store emailed to check on how things were doing, I noticed the issue above. I recommended they contact their reviews app so it could be fixed to comply with Google's policy. I also told them that JSON-LD for SEO would still work for them but if Google decided to penalize their store from the bad review data, then none of the structured data would be allowed into Google. Google penalties are domain-wide and don't make the distinction between good data and bad data when it comes to violations. The store ignored my advice because they wanted the better conversion rates coming from combining reviews (their words, not mine). Eventually Google noticed the store reviews violated the policy and Google removed all their Rich Results. This is not something my app has control over, this is a Google policy. I informed them again that the problem was with their reviews app and gave them resources on how to fix their reviews to maybe get Google's penalty lifted. They declined my advice and wrote this review instead. The app was working, but Google caught their reviews app breaking Google's policy which cut off this store's Rich Results domain-wide.

-- Dealsfinderorg

★★★★★ My website has been in the top 1% of Shopify stores for 3 years since we launched. This app certainly has played a part in that. Great updates, no recurring cost - it's a must have.

-- Aurora Collectables

★★★★★ Using the JSON-LD for SEO app has helped improve the SEO of our shop to a great extent. Aside from ensuring your on page SEO is strong and building links, having the right structured data is key. Eric is very hands on and the support he offers is personal and custom. He was willing to go into the back end of our store and make sure everything was set up correctly, and he even advised how to change the settings of another app that was impacting the creation of the right structured data.

-- Shopsmith Gear

★★★★★ Excellent product. Very satisfied. Everything works as Eric says it will work. All has gone very smoothly. I highly recommend this app.

-- Holocene Water

★★★★★ Great app and Eric is super responsive and helpful. His regular e-mail series has also given me a lot of great ideas. Mark Commercial Traders - Office Furniture Auckland, New Zealand

-- Ctoffice

★★★★★ Only been online for 4 days, still haven't seen any results but I see in Google Search Console that it has recognised structured data, so now all I have to do is wait and hope to see some results fast.

-- Promoland Test

★★★★★ Easy to use, however haven't seen any results yet. I think the site is still young. Should eventually increase in the rankings.

-- Naturopress

★★★★★ Well worth adding, instant results, for increasing the speed of our site we also added, fireamp and litefy, a magic combination, the google score speed went from 31points to 83points which is good for the size of our site.

-- Rainbowvapes

★★★★★ I have used this app on 3 of my sites, I couldn't be happier with the results.

-- Ptsctb

★★★★★ Awesome app, I saw results right away!

-- Ptsfbo

★★★★★ I support this app because Eric is takes the high road and went with the one time fee model. I really appreciate that. The bonus was the app is great and so is the customer service.

-- Mac Case

★★★★ I think this app is great. We got Rich Snippets for our products within 3 weeks! So I'd like to give 5 stars but I think it is too early to give. The most important thing is to increase our sales. If our sales are increasing from now on, I will change the 4 stars to the 5 stars!

-- Grace Green

★★★★★ We love JSON-LD and Eric is an absolute GEM in the shopify sphere! It's such a thrill to see those 5 Stars show up in our rich snippets and to know that he's keeping our site looking fresh in the SERPs!

-- Yellow Leaf Hammocks 2

★★★★★ Very helpful tips sent by email, thank you!

-- Florencia Beauty

★★★★★ Eric is AMAZING to work with! He was able to get me rich snippets very quickly and efficiently. I can't recommend him enough, the service is exceptional! He trule is a big help to my shopify store.

-- Beads Beauty Shop

★★★★★ Good app and quite helpful for our shop!

-- Gosport Nz

★★★★★ One of the smartest things you can do for a web presence and Eric has made it push-button easy. Strong recommend.

-- Triumphcutter

★★★★★ This app only gets better with time. Eric not only continues to exceed our exceptions but has become a trusted partner who keeps us informed and makes Theme adjustments as the tides change in the world of SEO. He is also on point and accessible if we have questions or need technical assistance. Keep up the great work!

-- Ih Gear

★★★★★ Starts working almost instantly. Within 3 weeks, Google had successfully begun displaying the data in a significant way. Why this isn't just the default behavior for Shopify is beyond me, but the team at Little Stream is fantastic!

-- J L Hufford

★★★★★ Very happy with the service, and customer service, provided. Thank you.

-- Littlezenone Us

★★★★★ This app is great! I like the fact that it's a one-time fee; more developers should follow this format as I simply do not rent software on a monthly basis (except for Shopify, of course). Just install it and it does the rest! The customer support is excellent and the software does a great job in marking up our organization, products, blog posts (articles), videos and more. And it does it in Google's recommended format: JSON-LD. It was easy to remove the default format from my theme, do a Google search for "remove shopify theme schema microdata"

-- Snakeclamp

★★★★★ Very good app!!! Check it out on our site

-- Coupdecoeur Sg

★★★★★ Solid results, superb service and responsiveness. Very much appreciate the ongoing actionable insights via the newsletter. 5 stars.

-- Paletteandparlor

★★★★★ This is first class software. Eric totally knows what he's doing. And he's very responsive with email to your questions. Be sure to sign up for his email list. His other apps look very interesting as well. It's nice to find someone so well-versed in Shopify as well as someone who understands how Google works. For many of us, it's difficult to understand what's going on in the black box and we're too busy running our businesses to figure it all out. This app works behind the scenes so you don't have to.

-- The Reluctant Trading Experiment

★★★★★ installed a couple months back, rich snippets are starting to show, brilliant app, deffo recommended, just a heads up this is not instant and can take up to 6 month max so be patient, it is 100% worth it though !!!, the team is great and alway sending me updates via email!

-- Cheap Beds Direct

★★★★★ First class app - best shopify app I've used. It really works so well. In addition the support is second to none and all emails replied to quickly. The daily emails offering tips are excellent. Thank you so much. Alan

-- Pb Twentyfive

★★★★★ We've had JSON-LD for SEO live for two weeks and so far so good. Eric has been amazing when it comes to response time and support.

-- Twist And Seal

★★★★★ I have been using JSON-LD for months now and it works great and I highly recommend it to everyone! What is more impressive is the support they give you. We had a unique situation with Pinterest that we needed help with and they stepped up in a big way and helped us out. They are great company with awesome apps and support!

-- Z Natural Life

★★★★★ I waited a good number of months after the installation of this app before writing this review. I am very pleased with the results and am thrilled that this app is maintained and improved in conjunction with SEO changes from Google and Bing. The fyi newsletters are helpful and let you know that this business cares about continuing engagement with it's customers. Google is happy with my website, so that is bringing more customers to my doorstep, and thus more sales. As we all know, e-commerce is always changing so I truly appreciate the fact that my SEO is kept in lock step. Thank you very much for all your efforts. I highly recommend this app and Little Stream Software.

-- Beaverhead Treasures Llc

★★★★★ The JSON app works great and Eric is extremely supportive and provides great follow-up content. Highly recommended.

-- Shoreside Us

★★★★★ Installed this app less than a month ago and I already have Rich Snippets showing up in Google! I find Eric's newsletter really useful and I had a related query which I raised with Eric, and his response was extremely prompt and helpful, giving advice on problem solving which didn't even relate to his app! He definitely goes above and beyond to provide a great service to anyone who uses this app. Highly recommended. Michelle -

-- Cotton Clay

★★★★★ Everything works as described. I know it seems like large purchase but this will do wonders for your seo automatically. Eric is also amazing and very helpful. He truly wants your site to be successful and shows it in every useful email.

-- Rebel Raw

★★★★★ eric is the man! he gets back to email requests very quickly and the SEO Shopify podcast series that comes with the purchase is amazingly informative. we have started to rich snippets appear for our products, and I believe Eric is a no-nonsense type of SEO guy who will give it to you straight-- no instant SEO magic tracks and snake charming. highly recommend.

-- Hxly

★★★★★ Extremely pleased with the app, but even more so very impressed with the level of post-purchase support. I had a related query and raised this with Eric, and his response was extremely prompt and helpful. Highly recommended.

-- Unni And Evans

★★★★★ Even after using JSON-LD for several years, I continue to be surprised with the level of service that the team provides. Highly recommended!

-- Ccprep

★★★★★ Superior service and really love the daily informative emails! App is definitely showing signs of working. Couldn't be more pleased overall. Thanks!

-- Adley Company

★★★★★ Easy to install and configure with responsive helpful support. Changes started showing up in Google searches within a couple of weeks

-- Elements For Life

★★★★★ Excellent product, does exactly as it say's it will, and the support is sensational. The app's developer is actually very customer focused, full of information, and keeps all of his customers in the loop with updates. If your serious about your business and google relationships just install it.

-- Jacksonsthai

★★★★★ Eric Davis is the man. so incredibly helpful. The email series he sends out afterwards are so handy.

-- Totaltea Net

★★★★★ Love it! Easy and it works for us.

-- Sartori Utensili

★★★★★ Great app, I am getting rich results for my store in the Google! Works as advertised and the install was hands off and no code needed to be changed or added.

-- Kids Bjj Gear

★★★★★ Great App. No support required - I just installed it and within a few weeks I had Rich snippets!

-- Half Ounce

★★★★★ We installed the App on both our websites and it was really easy to install and when checking product page and blog posts with the Google structured data tool we saw that pages were working correctly straight away. So no fiddling around needed afterwards which is always a bonus ! We have lots of videos so wanted to add them to product page and blog posts structured data (this isnt automatic) and Eric told us how to do this very quickly and it is a simple process. We added a review app to our site (new to us) and Eric helped us out with this a bit too (not his job) so that was a nice touch Within 2 weeks approx we had our first rich snippets showing on both sites. Product reviews, prices, stock availability Who knows what changes this will make to traffic and sales but the app does what it says it will and requires little effort. On that basis a 5 big 5 stars from us

-- Btrdirect

★★★★★ Worth the initial investment and will payback quickly imho. Easy to install and now working away in the background. After just two weeks, we are experiencing increased traffic and sales on our site.

-- Purrfect Cat Gifts

★★★★★ Really helped with SEO on our store

-- Ebuzzie

★★★★★ Great app, that performs as described. Most important though, is the high support level they offer! Keep up the good work...

-- E Chap

★★★★★ Great Service from Eric who took time to share more about SEO and to answer queries that I have. I appreciate that Eric was sincere in helping and sharing his knowledge. Just installed App for 2 days, and it might be too soon to see the results. However the installation process was simple and hands off. Jr

-- Bykido

★★★★★ I installed this app a few weeks ago. It was a simple process and the communication on their end was/is excellent. I'm not sure if Google is seeing the enhancements yet but we have definitely seen an increase in traffic to our site ( Off to a great start.

-- Ibs Formula

★★★ Middle ground for us right now, not worse but certainly no better. I will adjust review as things change (better or worse). Cost of $70 for what it is suppose to do is reasonable, but results will come or not in time.

-- Artisan Bound Llc

★★★★★ Thanks Eric, for a 5 star app. Super easy to install. Rich snippets have just started appearing in search results. (Approx 2-2.5 months since launch). And.... replies to emails within minutes :-). Highly Recommended

-- Style Dog

★★★★★ ....excellent response, personable and helpful. I ordered the $299 and received the Shopify SEO audio too, with Eric and Kai talking SEO, and it's excellent...gave me so many ideas that I am implementing today. It was also so nice to hear someone talk specifically about Shopify. My shop now has rich snippets and am seeing a solid increase in traffic and email and interest. Love Eric's daily emails too. ~debra

-- Ancestorville

★★★★★ So easy to use, makes a very complicated subject extremely easy to implement. The support is exceptional, Eric even helped me navigate an issue I was having with a small piece of custom code. To cap it off, I found the podcast a really interesting and helpful way to learn the basics of SEO without too much effort. If I could give five and half stars I would!

-- Strangelovevitaminco

★★★★★ This is life long investment. The real value is not how much money a domain makes in a short space of time, but where it stands in the search engine after a long period. This app is the first steps to achieve this.

-- Micro Bikes Uk

★★★★★ A respite for the weary souls of the fashion wanna-be, Del Francis Jewelry leads the trend with their JSON-LD SEO. Promising to not disappoint, check them out at and see for yourself.

-- Del Francis Jewelry

★★★★★ Great product - as it relies on Google it will need 3 or 4 months before it see's results they tell me! Hi from Australia is it snowing in the USA? cheers

-- Ourgearshop

★★★★★ Just implemented it two weeks ago but confident that the great support already provided is a sign of the positive experience yet to come. All questions have been answered promptly and anything confusing or unclear has been explained in detail. I’ve bought and used a lot of Apps and it feels good when you know you are in good hands. *Update May 2018---Six months into working with the team at JSON and could not be more impressed. Very knowledgable, responsive, and true professionals. A model business of what every provider in the Shopify eco-system should strive for. Highly recommend.

-- Shopqod

★★★★★ Bottom line- product works great and the support is stellar. Solid product, easy to use and get running. The real stand out is the support. I would think for a $69 purchase, I would get limited to zero support but they worked with me, gave me feedback and solid ideas to get this implemented for my use case. I also enjoy the company newsletter that they send which has a ton of great info for new shop owners.

-- Adventurer Kayaks

★★★★★ It works and it updates as they improve. Only issue is the schema already in your theme makes things a bit messy. I removed redundant schema built into my theme. Much better.

-- Cali Strong

★★★★★ I was happy to find this app and Eric does a great job with supplying info on how things work with Google. I like his updates via email as well. Our date started showing up with the star rankings in google with pricing and "In stock" pretty fast. Some good results in only a few days and even more after 30 to 45 days. Thanks!

-- Perfect Body Harmony

★★★★★ awesome, only one time fee and its worthed every penny. Great job.

-- Kawung Design

★★★★★ great app. It has been a big help to

-- Blackbeltshop

★★★★★ For those of you who know SEO, Structured Data is critical to your Ranking and the way your ranking is displayed on google. Within a little under a week of installing this all of our Structured Data appeared in our already highly ranked website. For those of you who our new to SEO, This is the data you see on google that shows your reveiws, stars, price, availability, etc. Would you rather buy a product from a listing on google with no reviews at all or from a company that shows X Number of 5 Star Reviews? This is what this app will do for your store. Would Highly recommend this to any company.

-- Eliquid Universe

★★★★★ In less than a month the SEO juice on my website has corrected itself and shot up one of my crucial keywords to the top 3 google results. Looking forward to see where I'm at in 8-12 weeks. Great support as well! Thanks!

-- Vapechemist

★★★★★ Does what it says on the tin and improve information displayed on google. Support very responsive and helpful. Daily emails are informative. Happy customer.

-- Bluestreak Crystals

★★★★★ I love the continued email support. It reminds me to do things to improve my SEO on a daily basis. Very helpful.

-- The Bali Market

★★★★★ The app by itself is must-have for every e-commerce store. It does exactly what it promised to do. Probably one of the most valuable apps on the app store. What is even better is Eric's daily emails. They are full of important information and insights. Thank you, Eric!!

-- Nostalgicbulbs

★★★★★ Great app, easy to install and the best support I have experienced from any shopify app company. 100% recommend these guys :-)

-- Brideboutique

★★★★★ Eric and the team are highly responsive and their App delivered for us all that they promised. A great investment.

-- Testsf

★★★★★ Awesome and responsive service. Eric has been very helpful getting some custom setup for my site. Thank you!

-- Pensxpress

★★★★★ I think this app is the reason when I log into my Shopify Dashboard it says, "Your traffic is in the top 18% of stores that launched the same week as you. " I installed this app on my launch date. Check my site 45 days from this post to see if I rank #1!

-- Nightliteusa

★★★★★ We're happy with the services we received so far and we are starting to see results we've got Rich Snippets for our products. Thank you!

-- Downtown Menswear

★★★★★ Great app. everything as promised. amazing customer service.

-- Buysupps

★★★★★ Still crawling the website after a few days after purchase, but the optional audio course on SEO that can be bundled with the app is super informative, great job.

-- Vapepeople

★★★★★ Been trying to increase the traffic to our site (, and found this app. Love that it's only a one time fee instead of a monthly. They keep me in the loop and showed me how Google is picking up more of the items I have listed. Hope to see increase in traffic soon.

-- Tires Factory Direct

★★★★★ Great app, does exactly what it was designed to do. It took 2 seconds to install and the continuous support from Eric and his team is absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend this product. I have done an extensive research prior to purchasing and spoke with many business owners in various FB groups and we all agree this is the app to install if you want to have proper structured data on your site.

-- Shop Crated

★★★★★ We haven't had any issues so far, everything is running really well. It's easy to use and simple to understand. Great app

-- Kernow Furniture

★★★★★ Very pleased. Deserves it's 5 stars. Easy to install and Eric is very helpful if needs be. This was a bit of a shot in the dark for me, as I've no idea what this structuring thing is :-) My site's been up for nearly 4 years - All that time I've been continually uploading and improving tags, alts etc. but was unhappy with search results. JSON-LD has been installed for a month now, and I've noticed a vast improvement . Frequently No 1 on first page, often with multiple entries there. So thanks, Eric.

-- Crystal Heart

★★★★★ So far the customer service has been above reproach! Eric is amazing at answering questions in a very timely matter. I downloaded the app on August 23, 2017. Still waiting to see results and will update this review once they appear (or not). Eric also has a newsletter full of value information that is worth subscribing to. So far so approve!

-- Discountdressshop

★★★★★ After purchasing the app, set up was completely automatic and in less than a month, rich snippets are already showing up for many of our pages. Utterly painless and inexpensive, this app is a total no-brainer.

-- Thebeltman

★★★★★ Super easy to install. Love that its a one time purchase and they even continue to stay up to date with whats going on with google and their changes and give you the necessary updates!

-- Vivid Deals

★★★★★ High praise and recommendations for JSON-LD for SEO. • One-time payment makes it super easy and affordable to get started • Simple, quick install means I was done before I finished my cup of coffee The "Shopify SEO Simplified" course and 6-month guarantee included with the "JSON-LD for SEO Plus+" plan are both incredibly valuable and worth the one-time investment. And Eric keeps updating JSON-LD and adding more and more integrations. Eric's daily emails on Shopify and marketing are so valuable he should be charging for them! (Thankfully, Eric's daily Shopify emails are free!) I highly recommend that every store owner make the investment in JSON-LD and the "JSON-LD for SEO Plus+" plan. I use this app on my own Shopify store and recommend it to every store owner I meet or work with.

-- Ecommerceseo

★★★★★ Seems to work well so far, took about a week for the first snippets to show up. Now just waiting for them to appear on the rest of the products!

-- Tecblu

★★★★★ Easy install. Too early to tell if it's this review may change. For now, 5-stars based on simplicity and one time payment!

-- Queen City Vapes

★★★★★ This seems to be a great app, but it's too early to of yet I have not seen a change. So I will be updating this review!

-- Lexi Butler Designs

★★★★★ JSON-LD for SEO is an excellent app and is great for us. For starters: • Is in our experience *the single best investment* we have found in a Shopify App, • Got our shop its best shot at maximum organic search results and rich snippets, • Is easy to use, • Has fantastic responsive online support, • Kept our structured data intact even when we switch themes, • Has robust structured data for products and removes all the stumbling blocks because the creators have already been through them, • In a conversational manner, provides audio files that explain how to maximize your shop for search traffic. We've been using the app for over a year now. We think it's a great app and we think you will too. Dan The Game Steward

-- The Game Steward

★★★★★ There are some apps that are just worth every single penny, and this is one of them. Not only is JSON-LD a one-time payment (instead of monthly), the developer keeps adding more and more and more features and integrations. Upon purchase of this app, he'll send you very regular followups about how SEO is changing over time, how he's following up on them, new integrations with other apps, and even basic tutorials on why certain things are important... all with a basic assurance along the lines of "Don't worry, the app already handles it" or "I pushed an update that handles it, you should be seeing it shortly for free". I'm the type of person that loves reading the details of things like this, but if you're not, then you can safely assume that the developer knows his stuff, and that this app has you covered, now and in the future. Absolutely fantastic!

-- Cutesy Crap

★★★★★ I'm already seeing the results of using this tool. In addition I feel like a member of a group because of the high quality content I've received in emails or articles. I certainly recommend adding this tool to the toolbox of shopify users.

-- Gifts From A Distance

★★★★★ Fast CS response, great app, if your website already have some traffic, this app will get your site indexed by google even faster. Our result showed within a week

-- Mikaela Beauty

★★★★★ Great results, very quick. Awesome support staff!

-- B45 Baseball

★★★★★ Excellent app, did the job as promised and very informative and responsive support.

-- Perfectbee Store

★★★★★ Visible results and very kind support! A totally risk-free investment. Highly recommended

-- The Million Roses Praha

★★★★★ Simply put - this is a legit 5 star app with 5 star customer support from Eric. Top notch all the way.

-- Original Film Art

★★★★★ Eric and his team are extremely professional. It is hard to find a company which is responsive and thorough in today's fast paced world. I highly recommend this APP. It has provided us results and we look forward to greater results in the near future.

-- Postal Uniforms

★★★★★ Very easy installation and the customer service is great. I had a couple of questions and they answered promptly. I already had the schema hard-coded in my theme, but decided to install the app so I don't have to worry about updates, and if the code is working. Great app, highly recommended! Thank you

-- Jardin Flowers

★★★★★ Best JSON-LD App out there according to the owner of The Nerd Squad who does our site. "The programing was so perfect there was no need to make my own!" - David Shoap Personally I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the onwer and programmer as he sends very information e-mails as well as answers personally, and even personal with his auto responder as he notes that its an autoresponder and not very personal! I just loved that! :-)

-- Sarahs Treats Treasures

★★★★★ Probably the best money we have spent on our online store and the creator is actually helpful, very responsive and shares solid info.

-- Luna Maternity Nursing

★★★★★ Only a 1x payment and gives you so much value! Love this app!

-- Ashleykaric

★★★★★ Fantastic app and superb customer service! We are already seeing results!

-- Bel Viaggio Designs

★★★★★ We use the app on our site - very happy with the quality of the app and the service provided by the developer.

-- Itzoo

★★★★★ It works automatically. I dont need to do anything at all.

-- Brainpower Nootropics

★★★★★ The app is amazing in itself. TOTALLY worth the money. Cheap, if you're asking me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it's not a subscription. More power to the subscription apps, but after I'm done adding functionality to my store I'm paying hundreds, HUNDREDS, a month. Also, you get emails all the time from JSON-LD for SEO. And not the annoying kind! Honest, topical, helpful emails across so many subjects(all related to your store's success). Duck out on another subscription app for a couple months and get this. NOW!

-- Whiteroom Apothecary

★★★★★ Excellent service and communication by the app developer. Went out of his way to clear up issues caused by another app at no charge. Still waiting to see the results in Google, but if it is anything like his service, it will have been well worth the money spent and wait.

-- Galaxy Puzzles

★★★★★ It doesn't get any easier or any better than this! Great app for rich snippets and it's only a one time charge!

-- Kindred Bravely

★★★★★ Super easy, fantastic customer service, one time fee, not reoccuring....get the app, you will love it!

-- Toryen

★★★★★ We're absolutely in LOVE. I'm impressed and awed of results I'm starting to see in just 24 hours. These guys/gals are the real deal. If you want it done by a true Professional, JSON-LD is a must! Thank you so much!

-- Drongineering

★★★★★ Very recommendable App for everyone who takes his ecommerce Business and SEO seriously. Easy to install, the results came almost immediately in my case (first pages started showing up after a week with the improved snippets) and the App developer Eric keeps you informed about all sorts of things surrounding the Shopify universe via his Newsletter. All in all I would say it is worth every cent, my organic traffic increased significantly and my sales are actually starting to increase as well as a result of the growing traffic. I am more than satisfied and will probably also add the Sticky Add to cart button to my store soon.

-- Issimoteca

★★★★★ Eric is super efficient and so helpful, it is so nice to pay for an app in a one off fee and still receive updates and add-ons afterwards at no cost.True customer service his helpful hints are also great to read.

-- Maryandmarie

★★★★★ This is a great app for structuring your data for better search optimization and appearance. The app developer is awesome. He'll answer any questions you have, issues updates regularly including auto running the app on your site. Communication is excellent.

-- Fusion Idol Arts

★★★★★ Great app! Excellent customer service, including adding a requested feature (after doing due diligence to make sure the request was inline with google standards/best practices). Thank you Eric!

-- Doxify

★★★★★ This app has been amazing. I have been writing blogs almost daily with no results. After installing JSON-LD my latest blog was in the top 10% of all recent Shopify store blog posts. I highly recommend this app. You get measurable results.

-- Briny Boutique

★★★★★ Amazing App! Its a must have for any online store. It takes a little time to see results ( approx. 2 months)....but results are what you will get. Install is super fast and easy. Nothing but positive things to say about the App.

-- Wuhah Com

★★★★★ I love that Eric keeps in touch with updates and really useful information. I am really looking forward to seeing the results at

-- Stylishly Numbered

★★★★★ Great APP. Simple, automated & Powerful. Great support Highly recommend

-- Standupergonomics

★★★★★ The team at Linelink Online use this app for our thriving online Dash Cam business. Great to have a Shopify App that works and does what it says. The site delivers structured data through to Google to ensure that products and other information are submitted in the right manner. It is easy to use and recommended by us and used on our site -

-- Linelink Online

★★★★★ Awesome app so far! Customer service is great!

-- Kingsjunkdrawer

★★★★★ I purchased the Plus+ Package and it has been really great. My wife's store ( and my store ( both started receiving Rich Snippets within a few weeks instead of the projected 8-11 week time frame. That was really exciting to see. We have also noticed from random searches from some keyword research that our websites are coming up on the first page, sometimes first link, on Google. We are very happy with our purchase and the feedback I have received from Eric has been really great. He responds quickly and gives honest thoughts for what ever you are asking. I'm very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend buying his app. The Plus+ version is a nice bonus and worth the money in my opinion.

-- Brilliant Ways

★★★★★ Great................................

-- Shamos

★★★★★ Used this as part of set up Google merchant store. Very simple to install, seems to be working. Once off price reasonable and saves in the longer term

-- Blithetoys

★★★★★ This app has helped my store, Eric sends tips daily, which helps me think about what my site is doing and why I setup a site like ours.

-- Thehomeandgarden Store

★★★★★ Great app, price, and amazing support Eric! Just a single one-off charge makes it a no-brainer install. Thanks Eric.

-- Flagtrial

★★★★★ Works as expected and great support by the team at little stream software. I'm over the moon that Eric (the developer) himself is responding to my queries :) 5 out 5!

-- Cherry Birch

★★★★★ Very easy to install, I hope the magic appears soon. I will let you know when it happens.

-- Florster

★★★★★ So far do good! Great support and all questions answered

-- Betsy Benn

★★★★★ Eric is a super hero. His app is really good, but would I know, maybe. Our data has shot up the graph in our Google search console.

-- Varietymusic

★★★★★ Amazing app! I integrated this app just a couple of weeks ago and have already seen improvements with our SEO. Super easy to install. And their customer service is very helpful too. You won't be disappointed at all.

-- Holistic Oils

★★★★★ After moving our store from 3dcart to shopify we were having issues with out product ratings showing up in google search results. We are using the product review app by Shopify and apparently it wasn't displaying the aggregate ratings for google to generate the stars. Shopify support was no help and I found other shop owners recommending this app for that same problem. Installed it and within a few days my star ratings were displayed in google search results! Eric was also very helpful with an issue we were seeing on our product shopping feeds and that problem is now solved as well! Thank you!

-- Waynedaltonparts

★★★★★ Great app in the shopify store, works good and i´m Satisfied.

-- Cutedutch

★★★★★ Seems to be working, and Eric is very dedicated to his work.

-- Nakinskincare Com

★★★★★ Great app. Get it, you will not be disappointed.

-- Mg007

★★★★★ This is a GREAT app. Eric was very patient in answering my pre-purchase questions in a clear, understandable way, and helped with communicating with the developer of our reviews app to make sure both apps worked in concert with one another. Installation was easy, and results were almost immediate. I ran pre-installation tests on a variety of our product pages with Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, and while none of them contained errors, ALL of them contained warnings due to the presence of the $ in our price value data, and generally were not as complete as Google would like. JSON-LD for SEO fixed this automatically. Within five minutes of installation, tests on the same pages showed complete structured data with no errors OR warnings. Following a re-indexing/re-crawling request with Google, it only took about a week for our product reviews to begin showing up in search results on Google for our products. It's still too early to know definitively if the improvements to our structured data (and subsequent appearance of reviews in Google search results) are responsible for the slight increase in our organic traffic — it's only been a week — but for such a reasonable one-time cost, JSON-LD for SEO provides some serious value.

-- Boredwalk

★★★★★ So far so good, seems to care about his product and customers.

-- Ptsllc

★★★★★ does what it says! awesome! constant update from developer and only charges a flat fee.

-- Adertek Lifestyle

★★★★★ Great app, big time saver and best of all.. Eric. This dude will cook you a pizza and have it delivered if it would increase your ranking. Cheers!

-- Smilingpawspets

★★★★★ I don't know much about SEO stuff but I trust Mr. Davis' expertise in this field. Thank you Sir!

-- Anne Margarette

★★★★★ Excellent app and customer service. Very easy to install and very responsive, helpful customer service.

-- The Spotted Olive

★★★★★ I'm not a programmer and wanted the best structured data application I could find. I believe I found it with JSON-LD. Eric makes it effortless on my end. He is helpful, friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. I would recommend putting this app on your Shopify website. Eric improves and updates this application, then he upgrades the app on my website for free. I am always confident I have the most up to date delivery of structured data that can be had. Thanks Eric.

-- Knitting Warehouse

★★★★★ I have to agree, this APP rocks and continues to even through a complete site revision by another app. so am smiling this week

-- Killerstrands

★★★★★ Very easy to install. Eric is SO helpful! And extremely responsive! I highly recommend this app!

-- Shoppin With Sailin

★★★★★ Really easy to install. I installed 1 week ago. I will post an update when everything has more time to adjust. Communication has been great! And I love the one time fee!!!

-- Flippin Ribbon

★★★★★ My products are showing up with ratings and description previews, in just a couple of months. Thank you! And your email articles are great.

-- Domestify

★★★★★ We now have two of Eric's apps so I can tell you without a doubt that he is a superb developer with amazing customer service skills. Based in the US, so language is never an issue, he goes so far above and beyond simply selling apps: He answers questions personally, sends out a great little blog-style email that offers ideas and motivation in a fun, personable way, and keeps a database of articles he's written that easily answer more technical questions. His apps? Love them. Be aware that with JSON-LD, because of the way Google works, you install it and wait... up to 8 weeks... for Google to start adding your rich snippets to their search pages. That's probably the hardest thing ever for a "get it done now" online store owner, but Google does what it wants. You're providing it the tools to make your site look awesome in search; then you just have to wait for them to update your search listings. My recommendation: Install it now so those 4-8 weeks are already on the timer, and you'll be looking great in search very soon. Ours are starting to show up sporadically now (about 4 weeks in) on a few pages, and it really increases our site's legitimacy to search engine viewers.

-- Triple Mountain

★★★★★ WOW! The customer service is totally on point! I am very excited to see the results this easy app will provide my store. I especially love the one time fee and how it still comes with updates! HIGHLY recommend!

-- Jackgracedemo

★★★★★ Great app, Eric keeps improving the app at no additional cost. The app does exactly what it says, the best part is the customer service. Eric, seems to value every user and replies promptly and keeps you updated.

-- Agm Worldwide

★★★★★ This app just keeps getting better and better. And the support is insanely good. The newsletter is always educational, and he keeps adding new features. Love it.

-- Yogagearformen

★★★★★ Eric is very helpful. This is a solid must have app. Recommended for all Shopify Site. I have use some other SEO app that also provide JSON-LD data but are not as detail as this app.

-- All Tire Supply Llc

★★★★★ Super easy to install and I can see the rich snippets are making a difference. The extra support provided is a plus.

-- Sandlyn

★★★★★ Excellent service and a great result for us here. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone I could.

-- A And K Labs

★★★★★ Amazing customer service and great app. Love that it is a one time charge. I have had it for a few months now and def see the results. My website ( ) is definitely ranking higher on Google. very happy with the app.

-- The Jg Files

★★★★★ Eric, the developer of this SEO related app, offers an incredible level of support. Really really good. Very pleased. Bill

-- Fatstonefarm

★★★★★ Easy to install, as advertised. Looking forward to positive results and will come back with an updated review in due course.

-- Pantry Perks

★★★★★ Highly recommend this app! I purchased the SEO Plus+ plan and I am now seeing rich snippets for my products! Eric, sent me a personal email with screen shots showing some of these rich snippets. My business has increased and I believe that this is due to the app. Just love the one-time fee. In addition, Eric sends me a helpful email daily and is always available to answer any of my questions. You can’t go wrong with this app. Check these out! Concealed Carry Drawstring Backpack by VISM – www ... Rating: 5 - ‎1 vote Apr 20, 2017 - Looking for a concealed carry backpack to hold all you essential plus your handgun of choice? Take a look at this drawstring backpack by ... Ropin West | Concealed Carry Purses, Handbags, & Wallets – www ... Want a high-quality, genuine leather concealed carry purse? Shop here for handcrafted concealment purses from Ropin West. Coronado Leather | Concealed Carry Purses, Satchels, & Bags – www ... The Coronado Leather variety of Concealed Carry Purses, proudly made in the USA, features genuine leather construction Concealed Carry Purse - Alexandria Shoulder Purse by Browning ... The locking concealed carry handbag speaks to women who wished to stay safe by keeping their handgun within reach. Are you one?and stylish designs. Take a look!

-- Www Itsinthebagboutique Com

★★★★★ The JSOC-LD for SEO app is just want I needed to improve my company's search results in Google. Before reading about "rich snippets" I did not know what they were, but Eric's app has improved my company's listing on Google and also improved the presentation of the search results. Now even before a customer clicks on one of my product pages on Google, it lists "In Stock" if the product is in stock. Pretty cool. Eric is also prompt to reply to questions and I look forward to using anything he develops in the future as well. The app is well worth the cost. Highly recommended. Tyler P.

-- Kyrie Sewer Cams

★★★★★ Great App, seeing some good results only after 2 weeks of implementation. Eric is helpful and prompt to respond to questions. Definitely a must for your store in 2017 !

-- Brilliance Table Lamps

★★★★★ Great app. Very easy to install. Some of my products already show price and in stock in the google search results. Very happy with this.

-- Kerstins Nature Products

★★★★★ Great support. The app works beautifully.

-- Suranas Jewelove

★★★★★ Brilliant app! Easy to install and Eric is most helpful in answering your questions. Now awaiting eagerly to see the results

-- Bibliotek

★★★★★ Not seen any result yet but as we all know, this is for the long game. Happy with the installation process, Eric seems good with support. Will report back in 6 months!

-- Sideroot

★★★★★ Very easy, installs itself. Customer service is fast and responsive.

-- Smartfindscom

★★★★★ Great app and great service. Eric caught an error in my theme that was unrelated to his app and helped me fix it.

-- Overnightwine

★★★★★ I love it! First, I love the one-time fee. The recurring app fees can get a little spendy, appreciate this a lot! Second - it WORKS!!! I've had the app installed for maybe a week and a half, and I'm already seeing my info showing up in Google as structured data. And then there is that "more results" link under my listing that takes me entire Google page about my site. Amazing! My website traffic has definitely increase as well. Also, Eric sends out occasional, super helpful and non-annoying emails. He is never trying to sell me anything, always offering helpful info. I could not be happier with this app. Highly recommend it!!

-- Seaforth Fish Co

★★★★★ Easy to install and fast, Eric is on the ball and checks in to make sure every thing went well... Now we wait for Google!

-- Pool Store Canada

★★★★★ As soon as I saw this App and particularly the one-time fee + Dev's lifetime supervision I knew this was a must for our website. Being able to fully facilitate SERP with the conceptual data, not really structural data is where we find upgrading on the fee is outstanding! value. Thank you :D *If you see our website you will see it is structured and labelled in a manner which is conceptual. Previous to JSON-LD data, this value going into the SERP would be completely irrelevant(structurally) and so not listed. NOW! this data is going to be delivered and results that ARE relevant will be listed. This richness is something we value, whereas other websites who's business modeling is not so complex or conceptual, may not derive a lot of this type of value from it.(We service only Australia, so just to help others on info)

-- Civilstock

★★★★★ Wonderful app and outstanding Customer Service! Highly recommended Olga @ The Southwestern Style

-- The Southwestern Style

★★★★★ Have been running JSON-LD for the last month on my site and I have already seen results on certain page rankings. Eric has been fantastic with customer support and he gets back to you very fast. The App is simple and easy to use. JSON-LD is a must have for anyone serious about increasing their SEO and Google ranking. Adib Atrchi Owner -

-- Anis Training Store

★★★★★ We just installed this on our site- Eric has been amazing! He answered all of my questions very quickly. And apparently there was some sort of error with pricing (and Google) in our theme, and this app will actually fix that problem. I am glad I installed it. I can't wait to see what this will do for our SEO. Thanks Eric!!!! -Jodi

-- Just Shoes For Kids

★★★★★ Great customer support. I just installed it today, so can't really tell this app's actual value, but Eric the developer of this app was super helpful and responsive.

-- Karmakisscom

BEWARE! Updating our review. We have used this app for over two years but will delete it soon. Recently, we found that it embeds your personal contact information (name, address and phone number) on every single page in the HTML. If you do a search on Bing, this information is now included as part of the search results! Whatever contact information you put in the Shopify General Settings, it will display it without your knowledge and consent even if that information is meant for Shopify use only. Also, if you create any pages, it also embeds the site owner name as the author name, and this gets displayed in the search result on Bing. We’re taking about FAQ, About Us, etc...which is completely ridiculous. You do not need to know who authors pages, it's not the same as blog posts! Shopify does not give you the option to the define this when you create a page, so why does this app decide to embed this as part of the meta data? It’s ridiculous and invasive. We asked the developer of this app to remove this information from the app, but he has refused. Instead he is asking us to update to the contact information! We sell downloadable digital products and only provide email support! We do not want the phone number and address to be made public! We reported this issue to Shopify, and was told this app should have never exposed our personal information, and it is considered a privacy violation. Do not use this app unless you don’t care to have your personal information / contact information meant for Shopify use only to exposed to the public. Response to developer: We provide support by email only, so why would we want the phone number to be exposed? We told you this already. The problem is that you're injecting information that the merchant does not want, and there is no way for them to opt-out. You provide no settings in your app to do this. You should be absolutely clear in your app description what data fields you are injecting and let us decide if we want to download your app or not. The contact information in the General Settings is NOT public information. The merchant does not have to share this information publicly, and you should not make the assumption to display it without our consent.

Developer reply: As I said over email, you entered your personal address and phone number into the public business information fields in Shopify (General Store Settings). If you wanted to keep that data private, you should have entered your public business address and phone number instead. I shared how you can change that in Shopify and never once refused to help you. But you declined my advice and immediately escalated. I would encourage you next time to have a calm conversation. I would have liked to gone through solutions with you.

-- Dreamy Presets

★★★★★ Top notch app, with top notch service. Super easy to install and google will love your business. Took about 3 days to a week to notice any dramatic change and google continues to structure data every day.

-- Bushbuck

★★★★★ Great supporting working with these guys!

-- Wonderful Scents

★★★★★ Very Awesome App. Eric works hard to make sure everything is working well and goes the extra effort.

-- Frylashes

★★★★★ Very easy to setup and we saw improvements very quickly. Probably the best $69 you could spend!

-- Shoppri

★★★★★ These guys are geniuses and are always listening to the customers for updates to the app. 5 f****** stars.

-- Safego

★★★★★ One of the few good SEO apps on this store. we use on and it works wonderfully.

-- Sizzlefish

★★★★★ Super helpful app and great support!

-- Askderm

★★★★★ Fantastic app. started seeing results straight away. Very easy to use, just install, and all done.

-- Lovemycap

★★★★★ exelente realmente faz oque se propoe, alem do suporte ser de exelente qualidade super recomendo este app

-- Lingerie Ponto Com

★★★★★ Love this app. We noticed a difference in our Google search results very quickly. Our products now show up with the price and stock status right in the Google search results. Eric provides immediate feedback to all of our questions and publishes a daily email update that is truly worth reading. Thank you for a great app and fantastic service!

-- Honest Herbal

★★★★★ A hidden gem. This app is a must-have for anyone serious about their rankings and structured data. It's made a big difference for us, especially coupled with a product review app like The dev for this app is top notch by the way!

-- Perfectlocks

★★★★★ Very easy to install. One payment which is awesome and great service. Thank you Eric

-- Amano Artisans

★★★★★ Highly recommend if you're serious about growing your business. Installation was a breeze with just a few clicks and support from Eric has been superb (simply to reply to our questions). After installing and using Google Structured Data Tool to make sure our website pages were ok, we noticed quite a few errors and warnings that were theme related. Eric helped explain very clearly and reassure us we did not have any additional work or updates.

-- Bellyfit

★★★★★ Eric, my man, I love your passion! I can sincerely feel your honestly and purity when I read your emails. In a world full of fakers I can tell that you're definitely part of the elite 5% of people who just think differently. I know first hand how hard it is to find another 5%er, so I'm gonna hold on to you, test your brian and watch you take over.

-- Tile Bar

★★★★★ The price and stock level now show up in a product search on google as a rich snippet. All I have done is buy this app. I was a little unsure what it would do but the proof of it working is when you search for one of your products on google and your site shows up with the information people need as a rich snippet in the search result. It has worked for me. The support from Eric has been excellent. The after sale support and constant free educational emails you receive make it very good value. Eric even helped with suggestions on improving my general SEO and I appreciate that. I recommend this app. Check out one of my products on my website Do a google search for one of the products and see the rich snippet on google for yourself.

-- Harborough Safe Co

★★★★★ Thanks Eric! Great service and it's really helping my SEO Always be plugging Max

-- Vr Video Shop

★★★★★ Works great! Great updates and never a problem. Highly recommend.

-- Thia Jewelry

★★★★★ Awesome little app. Highly recommended for anyone serious about SEO. Support is fast and most helpful. - John of

-- Austin Electronics

★★★★★ As a business that values customer service above all else, we cannot sing the praises of Eric Davis (and Little Stream Software) enough. These apps (you really should check them all out) are affordable, customer-centric and incredibly valuable assets for moving your business forward. JSON-LD for SEO could easily be sold as a monthly recurring fee app. The fact that Eric offers it for a (very) reasonable one-time fee -- while he continues to optimize it and increase its value is on its own spectacular. This 5-star review is well-deserved and we wish we could give him 10-stars. JSON-LD will pay for itself many times over and if you're serious about your Shopify site, purchasing this app is a no-brainer.

-- Luckyblokehq

★★★★★ I have to write a follow up review. This app did a lot for our structured data and have gotten many improvements since using this. Combined with another app, I have gone from page 9 on search engines to page 1 in under a week. Can't stress enough about using a product like this.

-- Xtreme Tattoo Supplies

★★★★★ Extremely easy to install and started seeing results very quickly! Five stars!

-- Lace The Game

★★★★★ We recently installed the app and can't wait to start seeing the results in Google, the support is great and can't be faster.

-- Soymacho

★★★★★ This app is awesome and Eric takes it above and beyond with customer service. I definitely recommend purchasing this app as it is vital for your SEO and online marketing needs.

-- Fizzm

★★★★★ Great time saving app and prompt support too :) Many thanks

-- Little Earth Nest

★★★★★ Quick and simple install. Plus the support they offer is quick and thorough. I recommend.

-- Lav And Luxe

★★★★★ Easy install. Easy to test. And I gotta give Eric super props for being very responsive to a question I had.

-- Eco Musings

★★★★★ The app is great, really straightforward to install and use but the support and help is really first class. Eric went the extra mile to help me with my store. I would recommend to anyone to install this app

-- Gear As Rx

★★★★★ You sir are a fantastic person.

-- Ruck Science

★★★★★ Eric has done an amazing job not only with providing a great product that actually works, but also has provided amazing service. With this application you will not be disappointed. I always wait to ensure I am satisfied with a product before leaving a review, and this product is amazing. You can't go wrong with JSON-LD for SEO. If you want to be successful, download it today:)

-- Airsoft Solutions

★★★★★ Amazing app in and Eric goes above and beyond to help you!

-- Circuit Breaker Wholesale

★★★★★ Code is easy to install. I had to go into Google and add more items and make it work better but so far so good.

-- Joker Greeting

★★★★★ Great support and attention to detail.

-- The Store Com

★★★★★ if you are serious about your business, then this is the app you cannot live without. simple, easy to use and first class tech help.

-- Culturalheritagebooks

★★★★★ Awesome app with awesome support!! Eric is DA-BOMB!!

-- Woot Hammy

★★★★★ This app is worth its weigh in gold, from an SEO standpoint. For a one-time fee of $49, JSON-LD is a must have! Great customer service, too.

-- Gravesideflowers

★★★★★ I don't really know what this all does but according to a friend who is well versed in this it's doing a good job! :D

-- Sneakerup1

★★★★★ Thanks a lot, everything is still working great!! Check it out in action here!!:

-- Rundle Woodworks

★★★★★ This service is awesome! I didn't know the name for this service or the term "rich snippets". It's just not something a common person talks about.. I just wanted my "price and availability " shown to compete on google rankings. Once this was added my page moved up 8 spots. We couldn't ask for more. Thanks again!

-- Innovet Pet Products

★★★★★ Quick installation. Eric is awesome he helped answering some of my SEO questions. Check us out at:

-- Karimah Fashion

★★★★★ Added much needed JSON-LD to my shopify store, so the googles are now correctly reading my structured site data that my shopify store WASN'T set up to do correctly on it's own. Also reached out for support as I had a question about search console errors. Lightning fast response! Was able to correct the issue in my template - lo and behold no more errors! Highly recommend!

-- Stegmann Usa

★★★★★ We have recently installed JSON-LD for SEO app and we are very pleased with the app developer Eric's service. He has provided great support. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

-- Oliveandlinen

★★★★★ As a novice in the SEO (Google) community, we often have to look towards expert advise on such matters. Json-LD is the new accepted google language, and Eric provides this much needed app for a one time and no monthly installment price. Moreover, the support Eric provides is thorough, and explains in a manner a large audience with little (coding) experience can understand.

-- Tiadorro

★★★★★ I would definetely recommend this app for any Shopify store!! Eric is great to work with and answers questions super quick!! Eric was able to help, in reference to another app that I had added to my Shopify store, but this app was causing my Google's Structured Data Testing Tool errors that I did not know were happening!! So thankful for JSON-LD app!! Sherrie of

-- Sherries Lucky Quality Finds

★★★★★ Eric is awesome! So helpful and responsive.

-- Modern Citizen

★★★★★ So simple to do. My first 'paid' app purchase on Shopify and I couldn't be happier with it. Very helpful developer, very glad to have supported a great app.

-- Games 4 Hens

★★★★★ This is a must-have app. After installing the app I ran a test through Google's Structured Data Testing Tool which raise a question. Eric the developer was Johnny on the spot and took time to explain my question. It is customer support like this that keep me coming back. The app is highly recommended and a must have for Google's structured data. Boonie Camp Gear

-- Istemp 43

★★★★★ Implementation is super easy and the support is excellent! Updated to say that the automatic updates they provide with no additional installation or configuration on our part is fantastic. Thank you!

-- Pumeli

★★★★★ An excellent app, supported by a fantastic developer! Out of the box, this app added best-practice JSON-LD structured data to all relevant pages. The additions are verified with Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, and Eric (the dev) was very helpful in tweaking or adding extra elements if needed. Highly recommended!

-- Beard Blade

★★★★★ one click and done. awesome and saves lots of time.

-- Careclub

★★★★★ This app has improved rankings in google. We are showing up closer to page 1 than we have before. Not quite there yet but still big improvement. Dominick Imperial Games Supply

-- Imperial Games Supply

★★★★★ Great product. Highly recommend everyone install this on their site. it makes a difference!

-- Nourished Essentials

★★★★★ We have used a variety of apps for our site and I can say that we have received the best service from Eric with the JSON-LD app. Highly recommend the app and the customer service is excellent.

-- Easy Roller Dice

★★★★★ Great app, great deal, and amazing support. A+ app for any Shopify store!

-- Aerospace Arms

★★★★★ Great app and especially great service! I had an error with a structured data and the issue was solved very quickly. I highly recommend it.

-- Hunting Bow

★★★★★ One click install, instant results. Highly recommended app!

-- Hamikk

★★★★★ Significant benefit. Fast, clean, easy installation. Highly recommended.

-- Prolampsales

★★★★★ very helpful and came to the aid of an issue we had - thank you

-- Mytoolkit

★★★★★ This app does exactly what it advertises, and when I contacted customer service they replied very quickly & resolved the problem immediately.

-- Pro Music Bags

★★★★★ Structured data, what is that? Actually its really important and Google loves it! This app is great, is easy to install and will give you a long term boost once you install it and let google crawl your site. Keep up the good work guys!

-- Speedwear Ltd

★★★★★ Good app. I saw improved search engine rankings almost immediately. I'd highly recommend this app. Update: Eric is dedicated to updating this app and each time he does, I notice a jump in sales. Thanks Eric! Diane Burroughs

-- Info 4834

★★★★★ App works great and the support us even better. Helped the SEO on our site and I would recommend it

-- Permacharts Com

★★★★★ The App is working as described. When i installed the app initially it was not showing the stars on the google listings. I contacted Eric and he was very helpful. He jumped in to solve the issue i was having on my review app and he communicated with them and solve the problem. Very happy customer. Thanks Eric.

-- Kruz Leather

★★★★★ This app was a huge time saver for our Gourmet Nut and Seed Butter business.

-- Betsy Best Test

★★★★★ Great app works and easy to install

-- Yourlamode

★★★★★ You may not think this is important, but trust me, when it comes to building your site for the long haul, you'll be very happy you have this app. It saves me a ton of work on SEO. Been using for about a year, and I couldn't be happier. And it's a one time fee which makes it even better. Just set it and forget it. Easy 5 Stars

-- Bazzle

★★★★★ All you have to do is install it. The app does the rest. Can we get more app like this??? Easy peasy.

-- Western Soul

★★★★★ This is the best SEO company we have hired yet! Super helpful and great price! Thank you!!

-- Califlour

★★★★★ Great App! Thanks! Sue Jacqui's Preemie Pride

-- Jacquis Preemie Pride

★★★★★ Easily inserts the code with no issues. While it doesn't guarantee search engines will use it, having both JSON and rich snippets will help ensure product data is pulled as easy as possible. Super easy implementation and well worth the one-time charge.

-- Rogue Hydro Llc

★★★★★ Great app, easy install. Works well, and does what it advertises. A steal at $49, no recurring app fees! Will recommend.

-- Ku Chiku

★★★★★ Guys, it is a no brainer! You get almost instant tweak with your store, and instead of time consuming and risky process of hiring a freelancer these guys are already done this for you. Top tip: if you have any warnings, simply drop them a line. Gavin helped us a lot by editing some bits of code, so thanks a lot for that and we truly hope that their business goes from strength to strength!

-- Organic Wine Club

★★★★★ This app and the people behind it are great. Gavin helped us fix a problem we had with pricing not showing up on google and did it at lightning speed. Glad we purchased this.

-- Textualtees

★★★★★ Very easy setup! I like that its a one time fee

-- Pix Gifts

★★★★★ Great service! Highly recommended to anyone that is considering schema markup – which should be everyone!

-- Mfi Medical Equipment Inc

★★★★★ Fantastic service from Gavin at Disco. I loaded the App no problem. I checked to see what Google now saw through the Google Structured Data Tool it alerted me to a couple of issues. I contacted support Gavin responded quickly pointed the error was with the coding of my theme he jumped in fixed it for no charge. Gavin, I hope you get a lot more customers just by your service you deserve it not to mention the great app you have put together. :) You've put a big smile on the monkey's face!

-- Gleaming Monkey

★★★★★ A simple and hassle free service Thanks

-- Vapmonster

★★★★★ Excellent app and support. Developer is happy to assist with addition of other metadata in a timely and cost effective manner. Highly recommended for all!

-- Rock N Learn

★★★★★ Great App and even better support! I had a small issue upon installation...emailed support and had it fixed within 20 minutes. Amazing!

-- Outerbankscrafts

★★★★★ This app was a real time saver for our rental properties website: With so many properties it made our job easier and made sure that our customers could find us easily

-- Jonesproperties

★★★★★ One click install, only a one-time $49 charge, and it works perfectly. This app is money well spent. Thanks, Logo It For Less!

-- Logo It For Less

★★★★★ Great and easy to use app. Sets up structured data for Google search results without needing to know all the code. Ran in to an issue with an update and support took care of it quickly. Great app and service!

-- Uniqcyclesounds

★★★★★ A new idea for Shopify. You buy the app, once, and gets service-and an excellent one- always. Besides the fact that it is a great addition, work without that you need to do anything... I really like this Wordpress-like service. No monthly payments for a stupid line of code...

-- Valueforyourmoney Co Il

★★★★★ Everything looks like it is working. I re-checked on my own through google developers. Definitely worth the $49 - Save me many many hours! Now just need to wait and see if it boosts my traffic.

-- Dusted 333

★★★★★ Priced well. Nice App - seems like a essential tool that would help ranking and the way forward in providing Structured Data to Search enginers - Install was smooth and support was Quick to respond and check the App worked well. Regards, Shalin Pinto Omni GENEius "Something brewing innovatively while making Joy for all" A unique nine product Launch for a solid cause. Board Games, Toys, Creative Apps, something for all.

-- Omnigeneius

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