Never Give Up!

In April of this year, I installed a new theme for the PDXWIT Job Board called Jobify. The theme was a major improvement on what we had, however that didn’t come without some hiccups.

The theme allows companies to upload a logo while posting their job. In the job listing portion (where there is a long list of all current postings) the image size requirement is a 1:1 ratio or 66px by 66px. However the theme, nor wordpress actually require the image to upload as a square. So when employers upload their logo, they don’t understand that how it looks in the individual job posting is different than how it looks in the list of jobs.

Since we launched the new theme, this has been a major point of frustration for me and the leadership team at PDXWIT. I had done research and found that requiring a specific ratio on the image, is no easy task. So we were left with logos looking like this:

Job Board Logos Before

Now I am not a wordpress developer nor do I know php. However I refused to accept that this was how it was going to look because not only did it look poorly on PDXWIT, it also reflected poorly on the company.

I reached out to Automattic, the company who runs wordpress, to see if they had any thoughts. They were awesome!

I got some code from them to add a new image size

add_image_size( 'company_logos', 66, 66, false );

as well as code to update the content-job_listing.php file. However this piece of code didn’t work and resized the image to full screen. I dug into the code a bit more, and realized the code that was shared with me, included features that we didn’t have turned on such as geo locating.

Reading through the code, I saw where it called the image size the_company_logo which is what the image size was originally called. In the new code, they recommended I change where it calls the image to be the_company_logo( 'company_logos' );

So I put two and two together. I kept the original code in the content-job_listing.php file but replaced the line from


Now we’re left with this beautiful set of logos that look great and the employers don’t have to go back to their marketing team to get a logo that fits.

Job Board Logos After

When I think of the users experience, I want it to be as simple as possible. Ideally, they go about their business and don’t realize that this was ever a problem.

It took 6 months but I figured it out!

Mission Accomplished!

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