Importance of Instant Coaching

If you’re anything like me, you thrive on instant feedback. I find it refreshing when I get feedback or coaching right away because I know immediately if I did something wrong. How do I know unless you tell me, right? Right!

Time after time, I hear about an employee who was terminated and had no idea of their poor performance. It is no easy task to tell an employee, a peer or perhaps your boss that you disagree with their decisions or actions. It’s our job as professionals and leaders to ensure we give feedback right away.

Tips on how to give instant coaching

  1. Provide your expectations right up front
  2. Explain specifically what they are doing wrong and what you want changed
  3. Explain the why behind the expectation so they understand where you are coming from
  4. Determine why their performance is poor and how you can help improve the situation
  5. Write developmental goals and set expectations with milestones
  6. Explain what happens if the change isn’t made
  7. Follow up

Sometimes, we hear what we want to hear and no matter how many times you coach someone on poor performance, they simply do not change the behavior. If performance is not improving after multiple coaching sessions and you have done everything in your power to change the behavior, it might be time to part ways. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

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