Dipping into React

I really enjoyed doing my front-end internship and was exposed to React while I was there, so I figured I’d give it a try.

So far, so good. Nothing really to report on other than I’m working through Wes Bos React For Beginners course. I actually started to go through Treehouse, but the tutorial wasn’t up to date and started to confuse me when I couldn’t do some of the steps.

It was nice though to see it on a customer’s live site before my internship with Planet Argon ended. Though it seemed to be fairly convoluted, it was cool to see it in action and what React is capable of.

I’m most excited to see what I can do with Project Coffee. Right now it’s an ugly vanilla application using fairly basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. Perhaps down the road we’ll see a post that shows the differences between vanilla Javascript, React and Vue!

More to come!

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