HR Groups in PDX

Below are just a few of the most popular human resource groups in Portland, Oregon. There of course are so many meet ups, committees and events that you could attend, however that would take forever to list. So these are the most popular groups that I recommend.

  1. HR Network (Jennifer Johnson Network)
  2. Portland Human Resource Management Association – The local chapter for Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  3. Special Interest Groups within Portland Human Resource Management Association:
    1. Global HR SIG
    2. Active Search
    3. Benefits and Compensation
    4. Diversity and Inclusion
    5. Employee Relations
    6. Recruitment and Selection
    7. Training and Development.

Networking is key in the PDX Metro area, so if I missed a group that you feel is a must, let me know.


  1. Jodeen Turner says:

    I am new to the Portland area and currently looking for employment in the HR arena and have 10 years of HR Generalist experience. How can I get invited into the Jennifer Johnson Network?

    I am trying to gather information on getting certified also.

    Any information you might be able to give me would be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    Jodeen Turner

    • ilanadavis says:

      Hi Jodeen – The HR Network is by invitation only. If you still need to be added to the network, complete the contact me form on my website. Be sure to use the email address you want to use for the network and I can invite you to the group. Also, let me know what sort of information you are looking for on the HRCI certification.

  2. Greetings. I have recently relocated to PDX and am looking to network with other HR Professionals. I am looking to join your group if you would please send me an invite. I appreciate your time.


    Noal Robinson, MAOM

    • ilanadavis says:

      Hi Noal – I am actually not the moderator for this group but if you complete the contact me form on my website, I can send it to Jennifer Johnson on your behalf. Be sure to use the email address you want to use for the network and I can invite you to the group.

  3. Mande Lawrence says:


    I am a HR student at WSUV and I am trying to figure out how to join the Jennifer Johnson HR Network. Can you advise how to do this? I am trying to find an internship and would like to post on the website.


    Mande Lawrence

  4. Laura Pearson says:


    I am looking to relocate to the Portland area and am looking for a good HR sourcing position. I was told about Jennifer Johnson and I am wondering how I can join her network?

  5. Jacob Gutierrez says:

    Just wanted to see how I would go about becoming apart of the HR Network. I would love to be able to post my open positions within the network as a resources as well. I have a few friends that are part of the group. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Jacob Gutierrez
    Employment Specialist
    Depaul Industries

  6. Heidi Gentry says:

    I am an HR professional in the Portland area. I would like to be added to the Jennifer Johnson network. How can I go about doing this?

      • Tara de Alicante says:

        Good afternoon Ilana, I would love to be added to the Jennifer Johnson HR Network. I read the above comments, and went to your contact me section, however I do not see a form. Can you please advise on the best way to get my information to you so that it can be forwarded on to Jennifer Johnson.

        Thank you!

        • Ilana Davis says:

          Hi Tara – my apologies. I wasn’t getting notified for comments for some reason. Do you still need an invite? If so, please confirm you are in HR and I will send the request to Jennifer.

  7. Dana Del Plato says:

    Hi there! I am interested in joining the Jennifer Johnson group. Would you mind sending me an invite?

    Dana Del Plato

  8. Abby Smith says:


    I’m an HR major attending Portland State University and am an officer in the student chapter of the human resources management association. My predecessor in the club, Malia Stocker, encouraged me to get involved with the network on behalf of the club members and forward any relevant job postings. I’d love an invite if possible, thank you!

    The email you can reach me at is

  9. Kelly Irwin says:

    Hello Ilana,
    I am an HR professional seeking work after many years of continuous employment in HR in the Portland area…(at Nike and TriMet).
    I am not sure how I ever missed Jennifer’s group but a recruiter friend recommended I contact you for a connected invite to ( Jennifer Johnson’s group ) join.

    Thank you so much for the consideration!

    Kelly Irwin

  10. Hello!

    My name is Whitney Tremblay, I am currently a senior at Portland State University- studying Human Resources. I am also interning as an HR project manager at Nike this summer. I was advised to get linked in to the Jennifer Johnson network, and I understand that you need an invite. I was hoping you could assist with said invite! Let me know if there is anything more you need on my end.

    Thank you,
    Whitney Tremblay

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